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electors, plural;
  1. A person who has the right to vote in an election

  2. (in the US) A member of the electoral college

  3. A German prince entitled to take part in the election of the Holy Roman Emperor
    • - the Elector of Brandenburg

  1. voter: a citizen who has a legal right to vote
  2. any of the German princes who were entitled to vote in the election of new emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  3. A person eligible to vote in an election; An official serving in an electoral college or similar assembly
  4. (Electors) The Six most powerful lords in the Holy Roman Empire who elected the next Emperor.  Three were Bishops, three were secular rulers.
  5. (Electors) The duly accredited delegates, proxy holders, and delegates-at-large which constitute the voting body of the convention. See also Delegate.
  6. Someone with the right to vote at an election. For local and general elections, electors have to be a UK citizen, over 18 years of age, not a peer, not in prison and on the electoral roll of an area.
  7. Term for some princes of Holy Roman Empire in Germany