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eldest, superlative;
  1. (of one out of a group of related or otherwise associated people) Of the greatest age; oldest
    • - Swift left the company to his eldest son, Charles
    • - he was the eldest of the three

  1. firstborn: the offspring who came first in the order of birth
  2. Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and the sequel to Eragon. Eldest was first published in hardcover on August 23, 2005, and was released in paperback in September 2006. Eldest has been released in an audiobook format, and as an ebook. ...
  3. Superlative form of old.; greatest in age or seniority
  4. Adjective: Oldest, when speaking of people. I am one year her elder. I am the eldest. I am the eldest of the children.
  5. (Inheritance Cycle #2) -- Christopher Paolini
  6. The first player to play in the round. In English-speaking countries, this is usually the player to the left of the dealer
  7. He or she who has the greatest age.