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due dates, plural;
  1. The date on which something falls due, esp. the payment of a bill or the expected birth of a baby

  1. maturity: the date on which an obligation must be repaid
  2. Due Date is an upcoming American comedy road film directed by Todd Phillips and starring Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan and Jamie Foxx. Filming is in post-production and a release is planned on November 5, 2010. ...
  3. The date on which a pregnant woman is expected to give birth; The date of payment in financial arrangements; The date by which a book (or other item) borrowed from a library must be returned
  4. (DUE DATES) ICCM agrees to deliver samples of design. ICCM will make every effort to meet the agreed upon due dates.
  5. (Due Dates) Calendar offers a visual map to job critical dates. We can customize the detail to fit your needs
  6. (Due Dates) Not really a glossary item, just a reminder if you didn’t see the million other references to our due dates. You need to clear your account by August 12th in the fall and January 20th in the spring. Doing this correctly and on time saves you money and hassles. ...
  7. (Due Dates) Payments must be made promptly on the Due Date, without any deduction, set off or demand and free of exchange in the currency specified in the Order.
  8. (Due Dates) The three types of due dates used by NSF are described in the Grant Proposal Guide Chapter I, Section F.
  9. (Due dates) Assignments are due on time / date given at the Web site. Paper documents are due at the beginning of class or they will be late. Online postings are due by midnight of the due date or they will be late. You can post assignments anytime during the current unit. ...
  10. (Due dates) New charges are due before the 30th day following the date of the first invoice upon which the charges appear. You will receive separate invoices for each incident, unless you are on a monthly service plan or you have agreed to receive statements on a periodic basis.
  11. The date a policy is in force to and by when a renewal premium must be paid.
  12. (doo dayt) — The estimated date that you will have your baby. It is about 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.
  13. The date for which scheduled payments must be received each month and credited to an account to be considered ""on time"".
  14. Assigned when an item is received.  Will be calculated based on loan rules.
  15. Date stamped on label inside book which tells you when you need to return it to the Library. Fines are payable on items returned late.
  16. The date when late charges will be assessed if payment is not received is shown on the front of this invoice/statement under Account Information.
  17. A calculated or manually-entered date that defines when material or production is required to be available for use.
  18. The date by which something is owed, expected, scheduled or required.
  19. Date by which the borrower must make an agreed progress payment.
  20. The date of the last day of the loan period
  21. Utility statements are due 20 days after the "Bill Date" listed on your utility statement. Your payment must be received in our office before the due date. Please allow at least five days for processing if mailing your payment or using the drop boxes. ...
  22. The date held on the computer for when an open Purchase Order or Works Order is due into Stock.
  23. Last day a u-bill may be paid without incurring any late charges. It is generally around the 20th of each month (If the date falls on a weekend, then the due date is the first business day following).
  24. The date on which a premium is due to be paid.
  25. the date by which the ticket should be resolved. See also final priority.