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drips, 3rd person singular present; dripped, past participle; dripped, past tense; dripping, present participle;
  1. Let fall or be so wet as to shed small drops of liquid
    • - the faucet won't stop dripping
    • - his hands were dripping with blood
  2. (of liquid) Fall in small drops
    • - water dripped from her clothing
  3. Cause or allow (a liquid) to fall in such a way
    • - the candle was dripping wax down one side
  4. Display a copious amount or degree of a particular quality or thing
    • - the women were dripping with gold and diamonds
    • - her voice dripped sarcasm
  1. A small drop of a liquid
    • - she put the bucket on top of the dresser to catch the drips
  2. The action or sound of liquid falling steadily in small drops
    • - the drip, drip, drip of the leak in the roof
  3. Short for drip feed

  4. A weak and ineffectual person

  5. A projection or groove on the underside of a cornice, windowsill, or molding that prevents rain from running down the wall below

  1. fall in drops; "Water is dripping from the faucet"
  2. flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid; "there's a drip through the roof"
  3. dribble: let or cause to fall in drops; "dribble oil into the mixture"
  4. the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop; "the constant sound of dripping irritated him"
  5. (architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway)
  6. Drip is a trip hop band from Manila. With an EP independently released in August 2003 and constant live performances, Drip's cult status grew with Manila's musical cognoscenti. Currently, Drip is signed to Terno Recordings. ...
  7. (DRIPs) The Mesomycetozoea (or DRIP clade, or Ichthyosporea) are a small group of protists, mostly parasites of fish and other animals.
  8. (The drips) The Drips is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, currently signed to White Drugs/Wichita Recordings.
  9. A drop of a liquid; An apparatus that slowly releases a liquid, especially one that releases drugs into a patient's bloodstream (an intravenous drip); A limp, ineffectual, boring or otherwise uninteresting person; To fall one drop at a time; To leak slowly; To put a small amount of a liquid ...
  10. Stylized drips drawn onto letters to add effect. Although inept paint application causing unintentional drips is considered the mark of a toy and is wack, stylized drips drawn on letters are acceptable. This style originated early on in New York subway graffiti.
  11. (a) A member of a cornice or other horizontal exterior finish course that has a projection beyond the other parts for throwing off water. ...
  12. A projecting fin or a groove at the outer edge of a sill, soffit, or other projecting member in a wall designed to interrupt the flow of water downward over the wall or inward across the soffit.
  13. The projecting part of a cornice which sheds rain water.
  14. A slot cut into the bottom of a projected stone to interrupt the capillary action of water.
  15. A projecting piece of material, shaped to throw off water and prevent its running down the face of wall or other surface.
  16. A drip is used to pass fluid or blood into your bloodstream, through a plastic tube and needle that goes into one of your arteries or veins.
  17. Procedure that regulates an altering substance into a stream of water; for example, chlorination for drinking water, or the addition of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides into irrigation water.
  18. Desalination Research and Innovation Partnership. A landmark research partnership among the water and electric industries, state and federal agencies and academia.
  19. Moulding or groove in external sill to prevent water creeping back.
  20. A regular coffee your basic cup of "Joe."
  21. Water is applied slowly and under low pressure to the surface of the soil or into the soil through such applicators as emitters, porous tubing, or perforated pipe.
  22. system - a very efficient hydroponics drip watering system that employs a main hose with small water emitters. Water is metered out of the emitters, one drop at a time.
  23. The distribution reinvestment plan pursuant to which Unitholders resident in Canada may elect to have all of their cash distributions invested in additional Canoe Units.
  24. that part of an exterior finish that projects below another
  25. "Dividend Reinvestment Plan," also expressed as "DRP." A DRIP enables a shareholder to buy additional stock in a particular company directly from that company without using a stockbroker.