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donors, plural;
  1. A person who donates something, esp. money to a fund or charity
    • - an anonymous donor has given $25
    • - loans from rich donor countries
  2. A person who provides blood for transfusion, semen for insemination, or an organ or tissue for transplantation

  3. An atom or molecule that provides electrons in forming a coordinate bond

  4. An impurity atom in a semiconductor that contributes a conducting electron to the material

  1. person who makes a gift of property
  2. (medicine) someone who gives blood or tissue or an organ to be used in another person (the host)
  3. In fairy tales, a donor is a character that tests the hero (and sometimes other characters as well) and provides magical assistances to the hero while he succeeds.
  4. In semiconductors physics the term donor is used to generically indicate a dopant atom that added to a semiconductor can form n-type regions.
  5. "Donor" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 29 January 1999.
  6. One who donates, typically, money
  7. (Donors) A necessary evil in the fight against grinding poverty, humanitarian crisis and humanitarian disasters.
  8. (Donors) Also referred to as grantors, donors are those who make, or give, grants to applicants (known as recipients, or donees).
  9. (Donors) Contributors and Sponsors
  10. (Donors) Individuals or entities who make donations.
  11. (Donors) These are people who made at least one donation of money to a charitable or other nonprofit organization in the 12-month reference period preceding the survey. ...
  12. a patron who commissioned a work of art for a church. Donors sometimes had their portraits included in the work they were donating as a sign of piety.
  13. A person who gives blood. The donated blood may be stored and distributed to hospitals and medical centers to be given to a patient when needed (as a transfusion). When a patient receives whole blood in this way, this is considered traditional medicine -- NOT "bloodless medicine. ...
  14. A person making a gift to another or in to a Trust.
  15. A person or organization who gives a gift.
  16. In a photovoltaic device, an n-type dopant, such as phosphorus, that puts an additional electron into an energy level very near the conduction band; this electron is easily exited into the conduction band where it increases the electrical conductivity over than of an undoped semiconductor.
  17. The woman who gives eggs to help another woman become pregnant or for use in research.
  18. The person who donates property to the benefit of another, usually through the legal mechanism of a trust. The law books of some countries refer to the trust donor as a "settlor." Also used to describe the person who signs a power of attorney.
  19. An individual or organization that makes a grant or contribution to a donee. (Also known as the grantor.)
  20. A man or woman who donates their gametes or embryos for reproductive purposes, including their own reproductive use. The term "donor" is also used to refer to someone who provides their sperm, eggs or in vitro embryos for research purposes or for reproductive use by a third party (i.e. ...
  21. A donor is an individual or group that provides financial support or “in-kind” gifts. The term is interchangeable with “funder” or “grant-maker.”
  22. Description: Donor is the organism from which genetic material is derived for insertion into or combination with another organism. ...
  23. dopant atom with a valence higher than of the host material atoms. Donor atoms add energy levels below the conduction band.
  24. A person or organization which has given objects or specimens to a museum or collection (Cato et al, 2003)
  25. An alumnus/a or friend who has made a gift to Franklin College.