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discrepancies, plural;
  1. A lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts
    • - there's a discrepancy between your account and his

  1. a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions; "a growing divergence of opinion"
  2. an event that departs from expectations
  3. In mathematics, discrepancy may refer to
  4. An inconsistency between facts or sentiments; The state or quality of being discrepant
  5. (14. Discrepancies) If any discrepancies occur with the above terms, the German “AGBs” are decisive.
  6. (DISCREPANCIES) It is important that if there are any discrepancies in a shipment or product specifications, whether it be quantity, price or part number, sizes or dimensions, it must be reported NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS FROM RECEIPT OF THE SHIPMENT. ...
  7. (Discrepancies) Any difference between the amount claimed and admissible amount and also any violation of terms & conditions of the insurance policy or agreement.
  8. (Discrepancies) In case of a discrepancy between these Booking Conditions and any other contents of the Cardiff Bay Holidays website, these conditions shall prevail, but this shall not limit the Owners liability for failure to supply the accommodation as described on the website.
  9. (Discrepancies) Situations in which the expected value range/ input/ condition is not met.
  10. (Discrepancies) Whilst the Owners take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the brochure, website and any illustrated materials produced in relation to the property its facilities and surroundings, no liability for errors or omissions is accepted. ...
  11. For discrepancies not related to damages or shortages, you must contact FMF within five (5) business days of receipt.
  12. Difference between the particulars given and the particulars found.
  13. When an invoice and the original order for an advertisement do not match.
  14. Any deviation from the conditions stipulated in a letters of credit. Discrepancies void letter of credit protection.
  15. An error, omission, or misrepresentation in the reported data and information, or in data or information upon which the Greenhouse Gas Assertion is based.
  16. Occurs when any two limit switches are hit out of sequence or when any limit switch is missed.
  17. The result of an invoice, purchase order or receiving document not matching or being outside a preset tolerance level.
  18. A failure to meet the specified requirement, supported by evidence (Also can be called Nonconformance, Deficiency or Finding).
  19. Any deviation from the terms and conditions of a DC, or the documents presented thereunder, or any inconsistency between the documents themselves.
  20. When documents presented do not conform to the requirements of the letter of credit (L/C), it is referred to as a “discrepancy.” Banks will not process L/C’s which have discrepancies. They will refer the situation back to the buyer and/or seller and await further instructions.
  21. a significant difference between two measured values of the same quantity [Taylor, 17; Bevington, 5]. ...
  22. An error on the part of the media to properly air or place the advertising schedule. Discrepancies can be resolved with makegoods in broadcast, returns in print, or a credit in either.
  23. Difference between two related things.
  24. one or more unexpected responses.