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discharged, past tense; discharged, past participle; discharging, present participle; discharges, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave, in particular

  2. Send (a patient) out of the hospital because they are judged fit to go home

  3. Dismiss or release (someone) from a job, esp. from service in the armed forces or police

  4. Release (someone) from the custody or restraint of the law
    • - he ordered that 1,671 prisoners of war be discharged from prison
  5. Relieve (a juror or jury) from serving in a case

  6. Relieve (a bankrupt) of liability

  7. Release (a party) from a contract or obligation
    • - the insurer is discharged from liability from the day of breach
  8. Allow (a liquid, gas, or other substance) to flow out from where it has been confined
    • - industrial plants discharge highly toxic materials into rivers
    • - the overflow should discharge in an obvious place
  9. (of an orifice or diseased tissue) Emit (pus, mucus, or other liquid)
    • - the swelling will eventually break down and discharge pus
    • - the eyes and nose began to discharge
  10. Release or neutralize the electric charge of (an electric field, battery, or other object)
    • - the electrostatic field that builds up on a monitor screen can be discharged
    • - batteries have a tendency to discharge slowly
  11. (of a person) Fire (a gun or missile)
    • - when you shoot you can discharge as many barrels as you wish
  12. (of a firearm) Be fired
    • - there was a dull thud as the gun discharged
  13. (of a person) Allow (an emotion) to be released
    • - he discharged his resentment in the harmless form of memoirs
  14. Unload (cargo or passengers) from a ship
    • - the ferry was discharging passengers
    • - ninety ships were waiting to discharge
  15. Do all that is required to fulfill (a responsibility) or perform (a duty)

  16. Pay off (a debt or other financial claim)

  17. (of a judge or court) Cancel (an order of a court)

  18. Cancel (a contract) because of completion or breach
    • - an existing mortgage to be discharged on completion
  1. The action of discharging someone from a hospital or from a job
    • - his discharge from the hospital
    • - offending policemen receive a dishonorable discharge
  2. An act of releasing someone from the custody or restraint of the law
    • - four days in jail and one year conditional discharge
  3. The action of relieving a bankrupt from residual liability

  4. The action of allowing a liquid, gas, or other substance to flow out from where it is confined

  5. The quantity of material allowed to flow out in such a way
    • - large volumes of sewage discharge
    • - environmental damage from toxic chemical discharges
  6. The emission of pus, mucus, or other liquid from an orifice or from diseased tissue
    • - those germs might lead to vaginal discharge
    • - a yellow nasal discharge
  7. The release of electricity from a charged object
    • - slow discharge of a condenser is fundamental to oscillatory circuits
  8. A flow of electricity through air or other gas, esp. when accompanied by emission of light
    • - a sizzling discharge between sky and turret
  9. The action of firing a gun or missile
    • - a police permit for discharge of an air gun
    • - sounds like discharges of artillery
  10. The action of unloading a ship of its cargo or passengers

  11. The action of doing all that is required to fulfill a responsibility or perform a duty
    • - directors must use skill in the discharge of their duties
  12. The payment of a debt or other financial claim
    • - money paid in discharge of a claim
  13. The action of canceling an order of a court

  1. dispatch: complete or carry out; "discharge one's duties"
  2. the sudden giving off of energy
  3. the act of venting
  4. pour forth or release; "discharge liquids"
  5. a substance that is emitted or released
  6. free: free from obligations or duties
  7. Discharge is a British Hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terry "Tezz" Roberts and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play Hardcore punk, and to mix punk with metal. ...
  8. Discharge is an album by hardcore punk band Discharge released in 2002 on Sanctuary Records.
  9. In hydrology, discharge is the volume rate of water flow, including any suspended solids (i.e. sediment), dissolved chemical species (i.e. CaCO3(aq)) and/or biologic material (i.e. diatoms), which is transported through a given cross-sectional area. ...
  10. A military discharge is given when a member of the armed forces is released from their obligation to serve.
  11. (DISCHARGED) Term used for a soldier leaving the regiment before the term of service has expired. Discharges could be for many reasons, most notably wounds or disability. Abbreviated: Dis. or Disch.
  12. (Discharged) An employer did not allow you to continue working in any capacity. A discharge can be due to employment misconduct or for a reason other than misconduct.
  13. (Discharged) Disqualified because of being discharged from a job due to misconduct on the job.
  14. (Discharged) The offender’s sentence has been completed and the offender is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Division of Parole. The Effective date is the date of discharge from supervision.
  15. (Discharged) To relieve of obligation, responsibility, etc. Common term used in bankruptcy court to describe the process of eliminating debtor obligations.
  16. (discharged (electrical)) Short circuited and/or connected to earth in such a manner as to ensure an effective dissipation of stored electrical energy.
  17. (discharged) F: When expressed of the officers, or crew, it implies to disband them from immediate service.
  18. (DISCHARGES) A discharge is a termination of employment initiated by the employer for such reasons as incompetence, violation of rules, dishonesty, laziness, absenteeism, insubordination, failure to pass probationary period.
  19. (Discharges) Information & Regulations
  20. (Discharges) The number of Discharges is taken from the facility’s most recent Medicare cost report (W/S S-3, part 1, column 12, line 9).
  21. (Discharges) The number of patients that leave a hospital setting.
  22. (Discharges) occurring at the end of a term of service are almost never referred to as "administrative separations." In normal military parlance, an "administrative separation" is when an individual is being involuntarily released from service, either for misconduct or medical disability.
  23. (discharges) Defined by the Clean Water Act as the addition of pollutants (including animal manure or contaminated waters) to navigable waters.
  24. (DISCHARGING) The unloading of imported merchandise from a carrier.
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