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disappearances, plural;
  1. An instance or fact of someone or something ceasing to be visible

  2. An instance or fact of someone going missing or (in coded political language) being killed
    • - the police were investigating her disappearance
  3. An instance or fact of something being lost or stolen
    • - an investigation is being carried out into the disappearance of the money
  4. The process or fact of something ceasing to exist or be in use
    • - the disappearance of grammar schools

  1. the act of leaving secretly or without explanation
  2. the event of passing out of sight
  3. fade: gradually ceasing to be visible
  4. ceasing to exist; "he regretted the disappearance of Greek from school curricula"; "what was responsible for the disappearance of the rainforest?"; "the disappearance of resistance at very low temperatures"
  5. The following is a complete list of episodes for the 1980s television series Dynasty, in broadcast order.
  6. Disappearance is a 2002 television movie first aired on TBS and later was released on DVD.
  7. Disappearance is a novel written by Jude Watson.
  8. The Disappearance is a 1977 British-Canadian thriller film directed by Stuart Cooper and starring Donald Sutherland, Francine Racette and David Hemmings. The wife of an assassin mysteriously disappears.
  9. (Disappearances (film)) Disappearances is a 2006 film by director Jay Craven starring Kris Kristofferson.
  10. (Disappeared (album)) Disappeared is an album by English electronic duo Spring Heel Jack. The album was released by Thirsty Ear on August 22, 2000.
  11. (Disappeared (Law & Order episode)) "Disappeared" is the 176th episode of NBC's legal drama Law & Order, and the 19th episode of the 8th season.
  12. (The disappeared) A forced disappearance (or enforced disappearance) occurs when a person is secretly imprisoned or killed by agents of a state or other organization, but the organization does not admit that they have carried out this act, thereby placing the victim outside the protection of law.
  13. (The Disappeared (2008 Film)) The Disappeared is a British film directed by Johnny Kevorkian and Starring Harry Treadaway, Greg Wise, Tom Felton, and Ros Leeming.
  14. The action of disappearing or vanishing
  15. (disappeared) Caused to disappear
  16. (DISAPPEARANCES) The abduction, arrest, or kidnapping of a person, usually by State authorities followed by a refusal to give information on his or her whereabouts.
  17. ("Disappearances") A euphemism for politically motivated murders.  Since those arranging for the disappearances are government officials, perpetrators are rarely brought to justice.
  18. (DISAPPEARED) A term from human rights activism used to refer to persons who suddenly and completely drop out of sight forever in societies given to human rights abuses. The United States currently has some 35,000,000 children who are disappeared and counting.
  19. (disappeared) clandestinely killed by secret police or death squads
  20. The last time in the month TT  that the crescent moon is visible on the horizon TT  of the eastern morning sky, just before sunrise; see also Appearance TT .
  21. Measures the rate of decline in numbers of fish caught as fish become less numerous or less available. Disappearance is most often calculated from catch curves.
  22. Unequivocal absence of the observation based on resolution of all associated imaging features and the absence of any findings suggesting a space-occupying lesion
  23. vigata-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya, q.v.) . disciplinary code: s. pátimokkha.
  24. A magic trick where an object or person vanishes.
  25. When a hired magician just doesn't show up.