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directors, plural;
  1. A person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization
    • - he has been appointed finance director
  2. A member of the board of people that manages or oversees the affairs of a business

  3. A person who supervises the actors, camera crew, and other staff for a movie, play, television program, or similar production

  1. someone who controls resources and expenditures
  2. member of a board of directors
  3. someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show
  4. film director: the person who directs the making of a film
  5. conductor: the person who leads a musical group
  6. Director is a 2009 action film directed by Aleks Rosenberg, produced by Alex Cohen, and starring Claudia Davilla, Stephane Kay, Mike Paris and Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated group's Prodigal Sunn. The film is set in Miami, Florida.
  7. Director is the fourth studio album by R&B singer Avant. The album reached number one on the Billboard magazine's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and peaked at number four on the Billboard 200. Willie Taylor (Day26) co-wrote two of the songs on the album , So Many Ways and With You
  8. Director are an award-winning Irish art rock quartet from Malahide in County Dublin. The band's members are Michael Moloney (vocals/guitars), Eoin Aherne (guitars), Shea Lawlor (drums) and Rowan Averill (bass guitar).
  9. The title director has been used in colonial administrations not only as a bureaucratic rank and for the members of a board of directors, but also specifically, as in this article, for the head of the colonial administration of a territory (e.g. ...
  10. A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. The body sometimes has a different name, such as board of trustees, board of governors, board of managers, or executive board. ...
  11. A director, also called an auxiliary predictor , is a mechanical or electronic computer that continuously calculates trigonometric firing solutions for use against a moving target, and transmits targeting data to direct the weapon firing crew.
  12. One who directs; the person in charge of managing a department or directorate (e.g., director of engineering), project, or production (as in a show or film, e.g. ...
  13. The directors of the Company
  14. Directors are responsible for the running, management and control of a company. The limited liability of a company ensures directors are protected from personal risk; they must however act professionally and correctly to ensure this protection.
  15. Directors are elected by the shareholders. They manage or direct the affairs of a corporation. Typically, the directors make only major business decisions and monitor the activities of the officers.
  16. (Directors) Persons elected by shareholders who are responsible for the implementation of corporate objectives.
  17. (DIRECTORS) Primary creative authorities and final arbiters within the SG crew roster.  Directors are the only crew empowered to authorize use of the Spaceship Graveyard name and iconography.
  18. (Directors) Every company is required to have at least two directors, both over 18 years of age. However since 12th July 2009, section 10 of the Companies Amendment Act 2009, one director must be a resident in a "Member State of the EEA",(European Economic Area). ...
  19. (Directors) Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani
  20. (Directors) People with overall responsibility for a business, who act in accordance with the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders. ...
  21. (Directors) Trustee or officer of the cemetery corporation or association
  22. (Directors) run the company and although they may be limited in what they can do by the Articles of Association they can generally do anything that the company can do. Whilst directors wield great power their responsibilities can be onerous. ...
  23. (Directors) which will include 6 people appointed from and by the Executive. These will include two (2) co‐chairs (one from the Coast and one from the Interior) and four (4) Directors with portfolio (two from the Coast and two from the Interior).
  24. The individual who suffers from the delusion that he or she is responsible for every moment of brilliance cited by the critic in the local review
  25. A member who sits on the governing board of a nonprofit, which has the ultimate oversight authority for a charitable organization, including oversight of the charity's operations and its staff.