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devotees, plural;
  1. A person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about someone or something
    • - a devotee of classical music
  2. A strong believer in a particular religion or god
    • - devotees of Krishna
    • - devotees thronged the temple

  1. fan: an ardent follower and admirer
  2. An ardent enthusiast or admirer; A fanatical or zealous believer in a particular religion or god
  3. (Devotees) The people who worship there regularly are the backbone of any temple.  I mention them here because it is well to remember, when visiting a temple, that the temple is there for them, not you.  Please be respectful of their needs. ...
  4. A person who worships the personality of a guru or master, having a fundamentalist attitude to their teachings, using them as an object of bhakti in order to attain Realisation and Liberation. ...
  5. The fool who gives up sex, chocolate, television, money and personal accountability in order to follow around some rich guy with a funny name; see guru.
  6. A person strongly dedicated to something or someone, such as to a God or a guru. Often used interchangeably with disciple, though the latter term generally implies a deeper commitment.
  7. Members of the Temple that have devoted themselves to the practice of this spirituality
  8. Person who is particularly attached or devoted to a particular thing – spirit, temple, location, etc.