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detachments, plural;
  1. The state of being objective or aloof
    • - he felt a sense of detachment from what was going on
  2. A group of troops, aircraft, or ships sent away on a separate mission
    • - a detachment of Marines
    • - the battalion went on detachment to Florida
  3. A party of people similarly separated from a larger group
    • - a truck containing a detachment of villagers
  4. The action or process of detaching; separation
    • - structural problems resulted in cracking and detachment of the wall

  1. withdrawal: avoiding emotional involvement
  2. the act of releasing from an attachment or connection
  3. insulation: the state of being isolated or detached; "the insulation of England was preserved by the English Channel"
  4. a small unit of troops of special composition
  5. separation: coming apart
  6. (detach) cause to become detached or separated; take off; "detach the skin from the chicken before you eat it"
  7. Detachment, also expressed as non-attachment, is a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective.
  8. A detachment (from the French détachement) is a military unit. It can either be detached from a larger unit for a specific function or (particularly in United States Military usage) be a permanent unit smaller than a battalion. ...
  9. (Detachments (British band)) Detachments are a London-based, English electronic band led by Lancastrian - Sebastien Marshal O'Malley. They were discovered and signed by in 2008.
  10. (detach) To take apart from; to take off
  11. (detached) Of a house: not joined to another house on either side; Having little or no emotions or interest towards someone else; Not influenced by anyone else; characterized by an impersonal objectivity; impartial
  12. ( Detachments) Other aviation units deploying aboard ship are helicopter detachments: LAMPS (Light Airborne Multipurpose System) units for antisubmarine warfare/electronic surveillance from surface combatants, and utility detachments aboard mobile logistic and support type ships for ...
  13. (Detach) Detaching from a Dynamic Web Template causes the template itself to be "applied" to the page. ...
  14. (detach) Permanently removing a file as an external reference in an assembly.
  15. (detach) To delete a virtual disk object from the operating system. See attach.
  16. (Detached) A property that stands alone and is separated from all other buildings.
  17. (Detached) Term used to describe a house that is completely separate from the units surrounding it.
  18. Detached shall mean any structure or building having no party wall or common wall with another structure. ...
  19. (Detached) Houses that have exposed walls on all four sides.
  20. (Detached) The entity has a persistency identity but is not currently being managed by the persistence context.
  21. (detached) Religiously speaking, detachment is not so much a form of aloofness or disengagement as it is a loving embrace of, and renewed fascination with the world—from a position of critical, even ironic distance. ...
  22. The relationship of consciousness to form when the consciousness is no longer caught up in the activity of the form but stands observing it.
  23. Detachment is experiencing your feelings without allowing your feelings to control you. Instead of just reacting, with detachment you are free to choose how you will act. You use thinking and feeling together, so you can make smart choices.
  24. The process of a soil particle, nutrient, or pesticide breaking free from its position in the soil.
  25. this is a central teaching of the BKs. The world is about to end, there is only time enough to focus on spiritual development and to create ones own fortune for the next life in Heaven. One must detach from ones own body, the sences, desire and therefore from any form of emotional attachment. ...