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depths, plural;
  1. The distance from the top or surface of something to its bottom
    • - shallow water of no more than 12 feet in depth
  2. Distance from the nearest to the farthest point of something or from the front to the back
    • - the depth of the wardrobe
  3. Used to specify the distance below the top or surface of something to which someone or something percolates or at which something happens
    • - loosen the soil to a depth of 8 inches
  4. The apparent existence of three dimensions in a picture, photograph, or other two-dimensional representation; perspective
    • - texture in a picture gives it depth
  5. Lowness of pitch
    • - my voice had not yet acquired husky depths
  6. Complexity and profundity of thought
    • - the book has unexpected depth
  7. Extensive and detailed study or knowledge
    • - third-year courses typically go into more depth
  8. Intensity of emotion, usually considered as a laudable quality
    • - a man of compassion and depth of feeling
  9. Intensity of color
    • - the wine shows good depth of color
  10. A point far below the surface
    • - he lifted the manhole cover and peered into the depths beneath
  11. The worst or lowest part or state
    • - 4 a.m. in the depths of winter
    • - the putrid depths to which morality has sunk
  12. A time when one's negative feelings are at their most intense
    • - she was in the depths of despair
  13. A place that is remote and inaccessible
    • - a remote little village somewhere in the depths of Russia
  14. The strength of a team in its reserve of substitute players
    • - they have so much depth that they could afford the luxury of breaking in their players slowly

  1. the extent downward or backward or inward; "the depth of the water"; "depth of a shelf"; "depth of a closet"
  2. degree of psychological or intellectual profundity
  3. (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part; "from the depths of darkest Africa"; "signals received from the depths of space"
  4. (usually plural) a low moral state; "he had sunk to the depths of addiction"
  5. astuteness: the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas
  6. the attribute or quality of being deep, strong, or intense; "the depth of his breathing"; "the depth of his sighs," "the depth of his emotion"
  7. In finance, market depth is the size of an order needed to move the market a given amount. If the market is deep, a large order is needed to change the price. ...
  8. In commutative and homological algebra, depth is an important invariant of rings and modules. Although depth can be defined more generally, the most common case considered is the case of modules over a commutative Noetherian local ring. ...
  9. (Depths (album)) Depths is the debut album by American deathcore band Oceano, released April 7, 2009 through Earache Records. Music videos were made for the songs "District of Misery" and "A Mandatory Sacrifice".
  10. (Depths (novel)) Depths (original title: Djup) is a 2004 novel by Swedish writer Henning Mankell.
  11. The vertical distance below a surface; the amount that something is deep; The distance between the front and the back, as the depth of a drawer or closet; The intensity, complexity, strength, seriousness or importance of an emotion, or situation; The total palette of available colors; The ...
  12. (depths) The deepest part. (Usually of a body of water.); A very remote part; The lowest point, all-time low, nadir; The most severe part
  13. (Depths) From surface snorkeling to beyond 40 metres/140 feet.
  14. The depth of a cut is measured from the bottom of the blade up to the bottom of a cut. Depths are numbered starting with #0 (or sometimes #1) as the highest depth.
  15. Describes the complexity and concentration of flavors in a wine, as in a wine with excellent or uncommon depth. Opposite of shallow.
  16. Refers to the depth of a lot, a measurement from the front property line to the rear property line.
  17. The measurement of the book at its thickest point, including the covers.
  18. Describes a wine of complexity and intense flavors; a wine that makes more than a first impression and is worth paying attention to.
  19. The distance from a gemstone's table to its culet (top to bottom).
  20. An ordered set of abstract symbols, used ti represent and exchange information, in which a paricular symbol is represented by its index.
  21. Depth refers to whether a scent is complex, sophisticated, rich or full-bodied.
  22. The amount of modulation. Sometimes called Amount, Width, Intensity or Modulation Index.
  23. A sense of distance (near to far) of different instruments.
  24. Depth describes the resonance or sensual power behind the sensations that drive the taste of the coffee. ...
  25. (n.) parallel time complexity.