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deploying, present participle; deployed, past tense; deploys, 3rd person singular present; deployed, past participle;
  1. Move (troops) into position for military action
    • - forces were deployed at strategic locations
  2. (of troops) Move into position for such action
    • - the air force began to deploy forward
  3. Bring into effective action; utilize
    • - they are not always able to deploy this skill

  1. place troops or weapons in battle formation
  2. to distribute systematically or strategically; "The U.S. deploys its weapons in the Middle East"
  3. (deployment) the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work
  4. To prepare and arrange (usually military unit or units) for use; To unfold, open, or otherwise become ready for use; to install, test and implement a computer system or application. ...
  5. (deployment) An arrangement or classification of things; An implementation, or putting into use, of something; The distribution of military forces prior to battle; when used in the context of parachuting: the start of something
  6. (DEPLOYED) Service member is overseas on an assignment where family/spouses are not able to accompany him/her.  They are often in war zones when deployed.
  7. (deployment) The process whereby software is installed into an operational environment.
  8. (Deployment) the configuration or arrangement of a sales force into territories on some logical basis.
  9. (Deployment (Six Sigma)) The planning, launch, training and implementation management of a six sigma initiative within a company.
  10. (Deployment) The planning, preparation, and movement of forces and their support from any location to an area of operations in response to a military need or crisis.
  11. (deployment) That operational interval, or portion of the parachute opening, from the moment of container (or pilot chute) release to the moment of suspension line stretch, but before the canopy fully inflates.
  12. (Deployment) The process of extending or moving out a military unit.
  13. (DEPLOYMENT) The process of removing a payload from a stowed or berthed position in the cargo bay and releasing that payload to a position free of the orbiter. Also, to place into operation the RMS or radiators.
  14. (Deployment (Deployant)) Buckle A buckle that attaches to either side of the strap. The buckle is expandable so that the watch can be slipped on the wrist & snaps shut on the wrist. Once set to the correct size it needs not be resized, thus reducing stress to the strap & elongates its life. ...
  15. (Deployment) 1.) Set of processes for delivering software and any associated licenses to a device, collection of devices, network or entire infrastructure. 2.) Installation of a copy of software derived from master media.
  16. (Deployment) A single installation of Microsoft CRM.
  17. (Deployment) Applications can be deployed on any operating system that has Java 1.3 or later. Many developers have successfully deployed on Windows and various Linux systems such as Red Hat Linux, Debian and SUSE. ...
  18. (Deployment) Defined as moving strategically or to taking a position for effective actions.  The SDI suggests ways that one’s personal strengths may be strategically used to improve relationships with others.
  19. (Deployment) Dispersion, dissemination, broadcasting or spreading communication throughout an organization, downward and laterally. Also see “cascading.”
  20. (Deployment) Establishment of a new forest through artificial regeneration - planting or seeding designed to meet resource management objectives or obligations. Afforestation, reclamation and reforestation are examples of deployment.
  21. (Deployment) Following the work-up, the MEU deploys for six months in support of geographic combatant commanders. During this time, the MEU is a forward-deployed, self-sustaining force that combatant commanders can direct to accomplish a variety of special operations and conventional missions. ...
  22. (Deployment) Inputs defined at the Deployment level will override Inputs defined at the ServerTemplate level.
  23. (Deployment) Sending a military member to a location, other than their home base, for a specific duty lasting a specific amount of time. This deployment can be as short as a few days or more than a year.
  24. (Deployment) Temporarily moved from the permanent duty station, generally to an overseas location or on a ship.
  25. (Deployment) Term for extended overseas operations by aircraft carriers, air wings, and other ships. We usually called them "cruise." In the 1970s, US Navy deployments could last nine months. During peacetime in the early 1980s they were seven and a half months. ...