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departments, plural;
  1. A division of a large organization such as a government, university, business, or shop, dealing with a specific subject, commodity, or area of activity
    • - the English department
  2. An administrative district in France and other countries

  3. An area of special expertise or responsibility
    • - that's not my department
  4. The specified subject under discussion
    • - I never thought of myself as above average in the looks department

  1. a specialized division of a large organization; "you'll find it in the hardware department"; "she got a job in the historical section of the Treasury"
  2. the territorial and administrative division of some countries (such as France)
  3. a specialized sphere of knowledge; "baking is not my department"; "his work established a new department of literature"
  4. Department is the name given to the administrative & political subdivisions of many countries.
  5. The departments of France (département) and many of its former colonies are administrative divisions. The 100 French departments are grouped into 22 metropolitan and four overseas regions, all of which have identical legal status as integral parts of France. ...
  6. The Central American nation of Honduras is currently divided into 18 departments (departamentos). Each department is headed by a governor, who is appointed by the President of Honduras.
  7. On a Naval Ship or shore activity, a Department is a section devoted to one of several major tasks. Most Ships have Operations, Engineering, Deck or Weapons, and Medical Departments. Aircraft Carriers and some large landing vessels have an Aviation, while cargo ships have one for that purpose.
  8. The 14 Regions of Senegal are subdivided into 45 departments and 103 arrondissements (neither of which have administrative function) and by collectivités locales (the 14 régions, 110 communes, and 320 communautés rurales) which elect administrative officers.
  9. The federal administration of Switzerland (Bundesverwaltung, Administration fédérale, Amministrazione federale) is the ensemble of agencies that constitute, together with the Swiss Federal Council, the executive branch of the Swiss federal authorities. ...
  10. A part, portion, or subdivision; A distinct course of life, action, study, or the like; appointed sphere or walk; province; Subdivision of business or official duty; especially, one of the principal divisions of executive government; as, the treasury department; the war department; also, in a ...
  11. (DEPARTMENTS) Units that make up a faculty and have a specific specialization under the broader area represented by the faculty. ...
  12. (Departments) Because most municipalities are organized departmentally by function (eg, public works, finance, personnel, parks) there may be a proliferation of 15 or more departments, which does not facilitate planning and co-ordination. ...
  13. (Departments) Building and Construction Trades Department · Maritime Trades · Metal Trades · Professional Employees · Transportation Trades · Union Label
  14. (Departments) Camborne School of Mines • Institute of Cornish Studies • Bill Douglas Centre • Xfi  The Camborne School of Mines commonly abbreviated to CSM, is a specialist department of the University of Exeter. ... ...
  15. (Departments) Histology/Cytology, Housekeeping, Instrument Specialists,
  16. (Departments) Specific academic units within a college, to which faculty members belong and in which one or more majors may be located.
  17. (Departments) There are two types of departments at Queen's: staff and academic. Staff departments provide various support services to the university and report to a vice-principal; for lists of these, see under the titles of the university's five Vice-Principals, especially the vice-principal ( ...
  18. (Departments) are the primary vehicles through which government policies and programs are d elivered, with broad policy mandates. ...
  19. Academic departments offering courses in one or more disciplines.
  20. Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
  21. Divisions within an organization, usually organized by function.
  22. A department is the basic organizational unit in a higher education institution, and is responsible for the academic functions in a field of study. It may also be used in the broader sense to indicate an administrative or service unit of an institution.
  23. In academic regulations, this covers any academic administrative unit, including a department, school, centre or faculty as the context requires.
  24. a branch of a faculty concerned with a specific area of study.
  25. A separate part, division, or branch of an organization, government, business, or school.