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denunciations, plural;
  1. Public condemnation of someone or something

  2. The action of informing against someone

  1. a public act of denouncing
  2. (denunciatory) comminatory: containing warning of punishment
  3. Denunciation refers to the announcement of a treaty's termination. Some treaties contain a termination clause that specifies that the treaty will terminate if a certain number of nations denounce the treaty. ...
  4. Denunciation in the context of sentencing philosophy refers to the disapproval of an act by society that is expressed by the imposition of a sentence. This can be considered as one of the purposes of sentencing, as well as being a possible justification for the imposition of a sentence.
  5. the public condemnation of someone or something
  6. (n.): To denounce is to strongly disapprove of or condemn something. The denunciation of sin in the reverend's sermon indicates his strong disapproval of sin.