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(of a task) Requiring much skill or effort,
  1. (of a task) Requiring much skill or effort
    • - she has a busy and demanding job
  2. (of a person) Making others work hard or meet high standards

  1. requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill; "found the job very demanding"; "a baby can be so demanding"
  2. (demandingly) in a demanding manner; "he became demandingly dominant over the years"
  3. (demand) an urgent or peremptory request; "his demands for attention were unceasing"
  4. (demand) request urgently and forcefully; "The victim's family is demanding compensation"; "The boss demanded that he be fired immediately"; "She demanded to see the manager"
  5. (demand) the ability and desire to purchase goods and services; "the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips"; "the demand exceeded the supply"
  6. (demand) necessitate: require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"; "This intervention ...
  7. The Demandingness Objection is a common objection raised against consequentialist ethical theories. The consequentialist requirement that we maximise the good impartially seems to this objection to require us to perform acts that we would normally consider optional. ...
  8. (Demand (psychoanalysis)) In Lacanian psychoanalysis, a demand results when a lack in the Real is phrased into the Symbolic medium of language. ...
  9. (Demand (song)) Hoist is the seventh studio album by the jam band Phish. At the time of its release, Hoist was Phish's best selling album. Hoist includes guest appearances from Alison Krauss, Béla Fleck, and other musicians, as well as actor Jonathan Frakes on trombone. ...
  10. Requiring much endurance, strength, or patience
  11. (demand) The desire to purchase goods and services; The amount of a good or service that a consumer is willing to buy at a particular price; A need; A claim for something; A requirement; An urgent request; An order; the measure of the maximum power load of a utility's customer over a short ...
  12. (demandingness) The degree to which parents expect adolescents to act responsibly, and supervise and monitor their activities.
  13. (Demand) The amount of energy used at a specific moment in time, measured in watts, kilowatts (kW=1000 watts), megawatts (mW=1000 kilowatts, or 1 million watts). ...
  14. (Demand) The payoff amount necessary to retire a secured debt by the mortgage company.
  15. (Demand) a measure of those in a market who wish to buy a product and can afford to do so.
  16. (Demand) the need for a specific item in a specific quantity.
  17. (Demand) A letter from a lender showing the total amount due to pay off a mortgage or trust deed, inclusive of unpaid principal, interest, impound amounts, prepayment penalty, etc. Also, known as a Demand for Payoff Request or Beneficiaries Demand Letter.
  18. (Demand) The lender's statement of the amount due to pay of a loan.
  19. (Demand) The combined desire, ability and willingness on the part of consumers to buy goods or services. Demand is determined by income and by price, which are, in part, determined by supply.
  20. (Demand) The amount of electricity drawn from an electric system at a given time, measured in kilowatts.
  21. (Demand) The size of any load, expressed in kilowatts, averaged over a specified period of time.
  22. (Demand) The rate at which electric energy is delivered to or by a system at a given instant or averaged over a designated period, usually expressed in kilowatts or megawatts
  23. (demand) the desire for a product or service
  24. (Demand) Flow of air at specific conditions required at a point or by the overall facility.
  25. (demand) The total amount of electricity required by customers at any one time.