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days, plural;
  1. Carried out during the day as opposed to the evening or at night
    • - my day job
  2. (of a person) Working during the day as opposed to at night
    • - a day nurse
  1. A period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time, reckoned from one midnight to the next, corresponding to a rotation of the earth on its axis

  2. The part of this period when it is light; the time between sunrise and sunset
    • - she sleeps all day and goes out at night
    • - the animals hunt by day
  3. The time spent working during such a period
    • - he works an eight-hour day
  4. A single rotation of a planet in relation to its primary

  5. The period on a planet when its primary star is above the horizon

  6. Daylight
    • - by the time they had all gone it was broad day
  7. A particular period of the past; an era
    • - the laws were very strict in those days
  8. The present time
    • - the political issues of the day
  9. A day associated with a particular event or purpose
    • - graduation day
    • - Christmas Day
  10. A day's endeavor, or the period of an endeavor, esp. as bringing success
    • - speed and surprise would win the day
  11. A particular period in a person's life or career
    • - my student days
  12. The successful, fortunate, or influential period of a person's life or career
    • - he had been a matinée idol in his day
  13. The span of someone's life
    • - she cared for him for the rest of his days

  1. time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis; "two days later they left"; "they put on two performances every day"; "there are 30,000 passengers per day"
  2. some point or period in time; "it should arrive any day now"; "after that day she never trusted him again"; "those were the days"; "these days it is not unusual"
  3. a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
  4. the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside; "the dawn turned night into day"; "it is easier to make the repairs in the daytime"
  5. the recurring hours when you are not sleeping (especially those when you are working); "my day began early this morning"; "it was a busy day on the stock exchange"; "she called it a day and went to bed"
  6. an era of existence or influence; "in the day of the dinosaurs"; "in the days of the Roman Empire"; "in the days of sailing ships"; "he was a successful pianist in his day"
  7. A day (symbol d) is a unit of time equivalent to one entire revolution of a celestial body such as a planet. One day on Earth (approximately 24 hours) is not an SI unit but it is accepted for use with SI. The SI unit of time is the second.
  8. Day is a novel by A. L. Kennedy. It won the novel category and the overall Costa Book of the Year Award in the 2007 Costa Book Awards. The novel is about a man who was a tailgunner in a Lancaster bomber aircraft during World War II. Later, he is an extra in a film about prisoners of war.
  9. The Day Utility was an automobile manufactured in Detroit, Michigan by the Day Automobile Company from 1911-14. The Day used a four-cylinder, engine and shaft drive. Removal of the rear seat and doors allowed the car to be converted from a five-seater touring car to a light truck in one minute. ...
  10. Day (ISO 639-3: dai) is a Mbum-Day language of southern Chad, spoken by 49,916 as of that country's 1993 census.
  11. Day, originally published in 1962 as The Accident is the third book by Elie Wiesel. Day is the fictional story of a Holocaust survivor who is struck by a taxicab in New York City. ...
  12. In 2004 the Labour government announced plans to rationalise the British tax system as applied to pension schemes; these changes are referred to as pension simplification.
  13. Any period of 24 hours; A period from midnight to the following midnight; Rotational period of a planet (especially earth); The part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc; Part of a day period between sunrise and sunset where one enjoys daylight, daytime; A specified time ...
  14. A patronymic surname derived from a medieval diminutive of David. ^[3]; An English surname from day as a word for a "day-servant", an archaic term for a day-laborer.^[4] ,or from given names such as Dagr, Daug, Dege, and Dey, cognate with Scandinavian Dag. ...
  15. (dayness) n., An existance delineated by workdays.  The life of a drone.
  16. (Days) Payables adds this number of days to the invoice terms date to determine the due or discount date on your scheduled payment line. You cannot enter values in the Day of Month and Months Ahead fields for a payment terms line if you enter a value in this field.
  17. (Days) Unless otherwise stated, days generally refer to calendar days.
  18. (16 days) longest in the market without extended battery.
  19. (30 Days) 2011 Nissan Sunny in India Preview
  20. (Days(StartDate, EndDate)) Function returning the number of days between StartDate and EndDate on a Julian basis (i.e., all days are counted). For instance, Days(15 October 2007, 15 November 2007) returns 31.
  21. (Days) (2009) - two rows of wafer-thin white speakers that played voices chanting the days of the week. Purchased in a 50-50 deal by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Maja Oeri, a MoMA trustee whose Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation is at the Schaulager in Basel, Switzerland.^10
  22. (Days) A term referred to as work shifts occurring during any daylight hours by employees in general.
  23. (Days) The total number of days that you are being charged for the hospital’s services.
  24. (Days) You may select Days to find classes that meet on a particular day or days, Most classes are set up to meet on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday. You can select your day choices from this field and the search will only look for classes that meet on the days you choose. ...
  25. (Days) really stretches the definition of bosses, as most of these reappear as normal enemies later on. I propose that we only consider bosses the ones that 1) have an event battle and 2) either appear in only one mission, or are in the boss section of the journal. ...