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dawns, plural;
  1. (of a day) Begin
    • - Thursday dawned bright and sunny
  2. Come into existence
    • - a new era of land-use policy was dawning
  3. Become evident to the mind; be perceived or understood
    • - the awful truth was beginning to dawn on him
    • - he smiled with dawning recognition
  1. The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise
    • - the rose-pink light of dawn
  2. The beginning of a phenomenon or period of time, esp. one considered favorable
    • - the dawn of civilization

  1. the first light of day; "we got up before dawn"; "they talked until morning"
  2. click: become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions; "It dawned on him that she had betrayed him"; "she was penetrated with sorrow"
  3. the earliest period; "the dawn of civilization"; "the morning of the world"
  4. appear or develop; "The age of computers had dawned"
  5. become light; "It started to dawn, and we had to get up"
  6. Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon. ...
  7. Dawn! is a 1979 Australian sports biopic about the three-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer Dawn Fraser, starring Bronwyn Mackay-Payne, written by Joy Cavill and directed by Ken Hannam.
  8. Dawn, the band's third album, is the first Danger Danger album to feature singer Paul Laine. It is also the first Danger Danger album to feature Bruno Ravel on guitar as well as bass. ...
  9. Dawn was a 1990 novel started by V. C. Andrews and finished by Andrew Neiderman after her death. It is the first of five books in the Cutler series.
  10. Coppélia is a sentimental comic ballet with original choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon to a ballet libretto by Saint-Léon and Charles Nuitter and music by Léo Delibes. It was based upon two macabre stories by E. T. A. Hoffmann, Der Sandmann (The Sandman), and Die Puppe (The Doll). ...
  11. Tony Orlando and Dawn (originally known as Dawn, and later as Dawn featuring Tony Orlando) is a pop music group that was popular in the 1970s. Their signature hits include "Candida", "Knock Three Times", "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree", and "He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)".
  12. Dawn is a brand of dishwashing liquid owned by Procter & Gamble. Introduced in 1973, it is the best-selling brand of dishwashing liquid in the United States. ...
  13. The Keys to the Kingdom is a fantasy-adventure book series, written by Garth Nix, started in 2003 with Mister Monday. The series follows the story of Arthur Penhaligon and his charge as the Rightful Heir of the Architect to claim the Seven Keys to the Kingdom and the seven demesnes of the House.
  14. Dawn is a fictional character created by comic book artist Joseph Michael Linsner. She first appeared on the cover of Cry for Dawn #1 (December 1989) before featuring in her own one shot Drama from the new publisher Sirius Entertainment and then the miniseries Dawn: Lucifer's Halo, Dawn: Return ...
  15. Dawn is an album by the English group Current 93. It is among the earlier releases of Current 93 and has a more industrial sound, compared to the band's current apocalyptic folk sound. Originally released in 1987 as an LP on the Maldoror label, it was reissued in 1989 on CD by Durtro. ...
  16. Dawn is both the name of Nvidia's technology demo and its main character constructed for performance by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. The eponymous demo is called "the dawn of cinematic computing", and was used to showcase the capabilities of the GeForce FX series of video cards.
  17. Dawn was the fifth album by the German progressive rock band Eloy. It was released in 1976.
  18. The Humanx Commonwealth is a fictional interstellar ethical/political entity featured in the science fiction novels of Alan Dean Foster. ...
  19. For the German film, see Morgenrot.
  20. Sacrifice is a 1994 album by Gary Numan. Its release followed a self-acknowledged career low point, Machine + Soul (1992), and is often cited as marking the start of a critical and artistic rejuvenation for the one-time pop star. ...
  21. "Dawn (Go Away)" is a song written by Bob Gaudio and Sandy Linzer and recorded by The Four Seasons in January 1964 as the Four Seasons were involved in a royalty dispute with Vee-Jay Records. ...
  22. Dawn is the fourth studio album by Japanese Rock band Guitar Vader, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music). The first track, "Satisfy," is notable for containing many lyrical references to "You Make It Easy" by Air.
  23. Sura Al-Falaq (سورة الفلق) (Dawn, Daybreak) is the 113th Surah of the Qur'an. It is a brief 5-verse invocation, asking Allah for protection from the evil of Satan. It is a Meccan sura. Together with sura An-Nas it is also known as Al-Mu'awwidhatayn.
  24. Dawn is a science fiction novel written in 1980 by Dean McLaughlin. A re-imagining of Isaac Asimov's classic 1941 short story, "Nightfall", it was serialized in Analog magazine (April–July 1981), with — unusually — two cover illustrations, for both its first and last segments. ...
  25. (dawning) Dawn; The first beginnings of something