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darknesses, plural;
  1. The partial or total absence of light
    • - the office was in darkness
  2. Night
    • - they began to make camp before darkness fell
  3. The quality of being dark in color
    • - the darkness of his jacket
  4. Wickedness or evil
    • - the forces of darkness
  5. Unhappiness, distress, or gloom
    • - moments of darkness were rare
  6. Secrecy or mystery
    • - they drew a veil of darkness across the proceedings
  7. Lack of spiritual or intellectual enlightenment; ignorance
    • - his accomplishments shone in a world of darkness

  1. dark: absence of light or illumination
  2. an unilluminated area; "he moved off into the darkness"
  3. iniquity: absence of moral or spiritual values; "the powers of darkness"
  4. dark: an unenlightened state; "he was in the dark concerning their intentions"; "his lectures dispelled the darkness"
  5. having a dark or somber color
  6. a swarthy complexion
  7. Darkness, in contrast with brightness, is a relative absence of visible light. It is the appearance of black in a color space. When light is not present, rod and cone cells within the eye are not stimulated. ...
  8. Darkness (a.k.a Darkness: The Vampire Version and Leif Jonker's Darkness) is an independent horror film released in 1993. The film was made in 1991, with a budget roughly around $5,000. Jonker, 19 at the time, wrote, directed, edited, produced the film. ...
  9. Darkness is a 2002 horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró about an American teenage girl who moves into a haunted house with her family in the Spanish countryside. The film stars Anna Paquin, Lena Olin, Iain Glen, and Fele Martínez.
  10. "Darkness" is a song from hard rock band Aerosmith's eighth album Done with Mirrors. It was the last track on the album. It was released as the follow up single to "Shela" in 1986 and was the fourth and final single taken from the album.
  11. "Darkness" is the second single released from the album The Tension and the Spark, released by Australian singer Darren Hayes in 2004. It charted at #40 in the Australian Singles Chart.
  12. Darkness is a poem written by Lord Byron in July 1816. That year was known as the Year Without a Summer - this is because Mount Tambora had erupted in the Dutch East Indies the previous year, casting enough ash in to the atmosphere to block out the sun and cause abnormal weather across much of ...
  13. The state of being dark; lack of light; Gloom; The product of being dark; The state or quality of reflecting little light, of tending to a blackish or brownish color; Evilness, lack of understanding or compassion, reference to death or suffering
  14. (dark) A complete or (more often) partial absence of light; Ignorance; Nightfall; Having an absolute or (more often) relative lack of light; Dull or deeper in hue; not bright or light; Hidden, secret; Without moral or spiritual light; sinister, malign; Conducive to hopelessness; depressing or ...
  15. (Dark) Describing an action taken before receiving information to which the player would normally be entitled. I'm drawing three, and I check in the dark. Compare to "blind".
  16. (Dark) A tonal balance that tilts downwards with increasing frequency. Opposite of bright. Weak high frequencies.
  17. A dark or dull colour which usually indicates poorer leaf.
  18. “Dark” refers to plots which introduce elements such as death, violence, betrayal or loss. “Dark” fan fiction builds upon preexisting emotional attachments that readers have with the characters for dramatic effect. ...
  19. (DARK) Anything secret is said to be dark. "Here's the dark of it," is a way of saying "I've got a secret and I'll share it with you."
  20. (DARK) Hecate was the goddess of the dark.
  21. (DARK) The unknown; something not defined by your intellect or conscious mind; not having enough information to make a clear decision / If frightening: Depression, confusion, secrets hidden from self or others, negative influences, feeling lost / (see NIGHT)
  22. (DARK) stands for Drosophila Apaf-1 related killer, part of a complex that activates the initiator caspase DRONC, which leads to apoptosis
  23. (Dark (In the ...)) Playing in the dark, betting without looking at your own cards. Generally, on the first round of betting on 7 card stud.
  24. (Dark (degrees)) Certain degrees traditionally believed to cause a dark complexion when on the ascendant, or when occupied by the Lord of the ascendant, the Lord of the figure, or the Moon. Dark degrees are also believed to accentuate deformity, should this be present. See Light and Smoky degrees.
  25. (Dark [l]) (vs clear [l]) is an allophonic variant of the phoneme /l/. Dark [l] is pronounced at the end of words or before consonants, as in ball or bald. It is articulated by placing the tongue on the alveolar ridge and saying [ɔ:] with the tongue in that position. ...