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Noun (plural)
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customs, plural;
  1. The official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods
    • - cocaine seizures by customs have risen this year
    • - a customs officer
  2. The place at a port, airport, or frontier where officials check incoming goods, travelers, or luggage
    • - arriving refugees were whisked through customs
  3. The duties levied by a government on imported goods

  1. money collected under a tariff
  2. (custom) accepted or habitual practice
  3. custom-made: made according to the specifications of an individual
  4. (custom) a specific practice of long standing
  5. (custom) habitual patronage; "I have given this tailor my custom for many years"
  6. Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting and safeguarding customs duties and for controlling the flow of goods including animals, personal effects and hazardous items in and out of a country. ...
  7. Customs is the fourth studio album released by the American Post-Punk band Savage Republic, released in 1989 through Fundamental Records. It was re-issued on Mobilization Records in 2002.
  8. Customs is a six-part Irish documentary television series that examines the role of customs officers, focusing on their daily lives and their regular encounters with the illegal drug trade and other difficult situations. It is the first time such a filming sequence has been carried out. ...
  9. (Custom (guitar)) The Fender Custom (or Maverick) was a short-lived model released by the CBS-owned Fender in 1969. Essentially a six-string Fender Electric XII, it was an attempt to sell off unused factory stock instead of simply writing it off. ...
  10. (Custom (in Canon Law)) Ius or jus is Latin for one sense of the English word, law. In the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, ius refers to custom, practice or "Tradition."
  11. (Custom (law)) In law, custom can be described as the established patterns of behavior that can be objectively verified within a particular social setting. A claim can be carried out in defense of "what has always been done and accepted by law. ...
  12. The duties or taxes imposed on imported or exported goods; The government department or agency that is authorised to collect the taxes imposed on imported goods
  13. (custom) Frequent repetition of the same act; way of acting common to many; ordinary manner; habitual practice; usage; method of doing or living; Habitual buying of goods; practice of frequenting, as a shop, manufactory, etc. ...
  14. (Custom) A LEGO creation or individual element that uses non-LEGO parts or modified parts, including decals, paint, or accessories from third-party vendors.
  15. (Custom) Practices followed by the people of a particular cultural group.
  16. (Custom) Made for a specific purpose, and not an off-the-shelf product.
  17. (custom) commonly done practice
  18. (custom) n. a long-established belief or activity of a people
  19. (Custom) Stock cars that have had extensive body modifications
  20. ("Custom") (Mix and Match Standard Features Off the Assembly Line)
  21. (A Custom) Cast bronze cymbals developed with help from Vinnie Colaiuta. Based on the original A Zildjians, A Customs have a particularly medium-thin, thin weight making them very responsive and bright. ...
  22. (CUSTOM) A car modified after it was purchased by someone. (painted, wheels changed, tampo added or removed)
  23. (CUSTOM) A practice that, through its long, repetitious use and common acceptance, gains the status of unwritten law in a particular field.
  24. (Custom (Custom Made)) A shutter unit that is made specifically for an individual window opening. See Custom Made Shutters vs. Customized Shutters.
  25. (Custom (defaults to comma separated)) The terms are shown in the node as a comma-separated list.