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(of a space) Full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed,
  1. (of a space) Full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed
    • - a very crowded room
    • - the crowded streets of Manhattan

  1. overfilled or compacted or concentrated; "a crowded theater"; "a crowded program"; "crowded trains"; "a young mother's crowded days"
  2. (crowding) a situation in which people or things are crowded together; "he didn't like the crowding on the beach"
  3. "Crowded" is a 2006 R&B song released as the first official single from Jeannie Ortega's debut album, No Place Like BKLYN. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the film Stick It. The song also features underground rapper Papoose. ...
  4. (Crowding (solution)) The phenomenon of macromolecular crowding alters the properties of molecules in a solution when high concentrations of macromolecules such as proteins are present. ...
  5. Crowds is a proposed anonymity network that gives probable innocence in the face of a large number of attackers. Crowds was designed by Michael K. Reiter and Aviel D. ...
  6. Containing too many of something; teeming
  7. (crowding) Dental malalignment caused by inadequate space for the teeth.
  8. (Crowding) Overlapping teeth caused by having too many teeth in too small of a space or arch size.
  9. (Crowding) An unusually high spatial density of animals, which may cause discomfort to some or all animals in the group, but not serious deprivation or injury. ...
  10. (Crowding) One horse forcing another horse into the inside rail of the track.
  11. (Crowding) Refers to teeth that are occupying a space in the mouth that is not large enough to accommodate them. The teeth physically push against one another and lead to misalignment.
  12. (Crowding) The psychological and psychological response to the belief that there are too many people in a specified area.
  13. (Crowding) on trails or campsites and conflicts between users.
  14. (crowding) Playing too close to the opponent; an avoidable hinder.
  15. (crowding) the feeling that is induced if our expectations about the use of space are violated by the presence of others.
  16. Crowding occurs when teeth try to occupy the same space.  It can occur from teeth that have become displaced, improperly erupted, or when the teeth have grown too large for the given jaw space.
  17. (Crowds) An old idea—that many heads are better than one—is dressed up as dazzling insight today, thanks to a popular book called “The Wisdom of Crowds” and the ability of the internet to tap the expertise of lots of people. ...