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crossings, plural;
  1. A place where two roads, two railroad lines, or a road and a railroad line cross

  2. The action of moving across or over something
    • - the crossing of the Pyrenees
  3. A journey across water in a ship
    • - a short ferry crossing
  4. A place at which one may safely cross something, esp. a street

  5. A place at which one can cross a border between countries

  6. The intersection of a church nave and the transepts

  7. Crossbreeding

  1. traveling across
  2. ford: a shallow area in a stream that can be forded
  3. a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc.) intersect
  4. intersection: a junction where one street or road crosses another
  5. a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other
  6. hybridization: (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids
  7. Crossing is a 2005 Canadian independent feature film starring Sebastian Spence, Crystal Buble, Bif Naked and Fred Ewanuick. From the writer/director team of Roger Evan Larry and Sandra Tomc.
  8. Crossing (also known as Keurosing) is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Kim Tae-gyun. It has been selected as South Korea's submission to the 81st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.
  9. A crossing, in ecclesiastical architecture, is the junction of the four arms of a cruciform (cross-shaped) church.
  10. In quantum field theory, a branch of theoretical physics, crossing is the property of scattering amplitudes that allows antiparticles to be interpreted as particles going backwards in time.
  11. Plant breeding is the art and science of changing the genetics of plants for the benefit of mankind . ...
  12. The Crossing is a 1990 Australian drama film directed by George Ogilvie and starring Russell Crowe, Robert Mammone and Danielle Spencer.
  13. An intersection where roads, lines, or tracks cross; A place at which a river, railroad, or highway may be crossed; A voyage across a body of water; The volume formed by the intersection of chancel, nave and transepts in a cruciform church; often with a tower or cupola over it; Extending or ...
  14. (Cross) A topographic surname for someone who lived near a stone cross on a road
  15. (cross) A geometrical figure consisting of two straight lines or bars intersecting each other such that at least one of them is bisected by the other; Any geometric figure having this or a similar shape, such as a cross of Lorraine or a Maltese cross; A wooden post with a perpendicular beam ...
  16. (Cross) Used for listed equity securities. Securities transaction in which the same broker acts as agent for both sides of the trade; a legal practice only if the broker first offers the securities publicly at a price higher than the bid.
  17. (Cross) an advance or retreat by crossing one leg over the other; also passé avant (forward cross), passé arriere (backwards cross)
  18. (Cross) Abbreviated X, it is a move from one place to another on stage.
  19. A cross is a power punch thrown with the boxer's dominant hand. It's also called a straight right, right or straight punch.
  20. (Cross) a breeding of one variety of grape with another to obtain a more desirable offspring. The "noble" Cabernet-Sauvignon was crossed with the "common" Carignane to arrive at the Ruby Cabernet grape, a cross intended to produce a variety capable of surviving the hot climes of the Central ...
  21. (Cross) Symbol of Christianity
  22. (cross) The deliberate mating of two parental types of organisms in genetic analysis.
  23. (Cross) A vine resulting from a cross of two or more vines of the same species.
  24. (cross) v. to go from one side to another; to go across
  25. (cross) a long pass often in the air that is played diagonally from the flanks or channels into the box