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courtesies, plural;
  1. The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others
    • - he had been treated with a degree of courtesy not far short of deference
  2. A polite speech or action, esp. one required by convention
    • - the superficial courtesies of diplomatic exchanges
  3. (esp. of transport) Supplied free of charge to people who are already paying for another service
    • - he traveled from the hotel in a courtesy car
  4. A curtsy

  1. a courteous or respectful or considerate act
  2. a courteous manner
  3. Courtesy is gentle politeness and courtly manners. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the behaviour expected of the gentry was compiled in courtesy books. ...
  4. Polite behavior; A polite gesture or remark; Consent or agreement in spite of fact; indulgence; Willingness or generosity in providing something needed; Given or done as a polite gesture; Free of charge
  5. A right that a husband has in his wife’s property at her death. It does not exist in all states.
  6. The estate which the husband has for life in the real estate left by his wife.
  7. Type of conduct specifically mandated by the rules.
  8. bow : curtsy : honour :
  9. Not one of the original chivalric virtues, the idea that a knight should be courteous came from the influence of the court, the ladies, and the romances. A knight was expected to be courteous to men of all stations, although the concept of what was 'courteous' changed over time. ...
  10. Courtesy is being polite and having good manners. When you speak and act courteously, you give others a feeling of being valued and respected. Greet people pleasantly. Bring courtesy home. Your family needs it most of all. Courtesy helps life to go smoothly.
  11. liferent, entitlement to income from the heritage of a deceased
  12. (1) fictitious benevolence. (2) a gift notable in well-bred people and courtesans.
  13. Justin "Nig" Clarke is believed to have hit eight home runs in a minor league game in 1902.
  14. You must respect and care for your own body and mind before considering better relations with other people.  This may mean improved personal hygiene, a change in habits or perhaps a drastic career move.  You should strive to achieve personal happiness to sustain your physical and mental health. ...
  15. A husband's fractional life or fee estate in the property of his deceased wife. By statute, in most states it is a life estate or fee simple in one third of the land the wife owned during their marriage.
  16. is well-mannered behavior, courtly elegance and politeness of manners, graceful politeness or considerateness with others, nobleness, generosity, benevolence, goodness.
  17. Civility; consideration for others
  18. adеblilik, ariw sözlük, caraşıwluq
  19. Neville Gai(Bawa, class of 1988)