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couriers, plural;
  1. Send or transport (goods or documents) by courier

  1. A messenger who transports goods or documents, in particular

  2. A company or employee of a company that transports commercial packages and documents
    • - the check was dispatched by courier
    • - a courier service
  3. A messenger for an underground or espionage organization

  4. A person employed to guide and assist a group of tourists

  1. messenger: a person who carries a message
  2. A courier is a person or a company employed to deliver messages, packages, and mail. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of services, and committed delivery times, which are optional ...
  3. Courier is the first live recording and sixth album by Richard Shindell. It includes many of his most popular originals from previous recordings, a cover of Lowell George's classic song, "Willin'", and what has been described as a "near-holy reading" of Bruce Springsteen's "Fourth of July, ...
  4. Sandusky Automobile Company was a brass era manufacturer of automobiles in Sandusky, Ohio in 1904 and 1905.
  5. Courier is the alias of Jacob Gavin Jr., a Marvel Comics character, and a sometimes ally of the X-Men member known as Gambit. Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Joe Madureira, he first appeared Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993).
  6. Courier (also known as Courier Email) is an e-mail client used on Microsoft Windows. The software was originally developed as Calypso and was renamed after transition to RoseCitySoftware.
  7. The Courier is a Russian-language daily newspaper that was founded in 1991 by Vladimir Libo. The daily paper is run from Tel Aviv. It has maintained an active presence on the Internet since 1998.
  8. The Courier was a magazine published in Britain during the period 1938-1951, by Norman Kark Publications, Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London. It was printed mainly on art paper and continued to be produced throughout World War II, in spite of the paper restrictions imposed. ...
  9. Courier is a monospaced slab serif typeface designed to resemble the output from a strike-on typewriter. The typeface was designed by Howard "Bud" Kettler in 1955. ...
  10. The Courier & Advertiser, more commonly known as simply The Courier, is a broadsheet newspaper published by DC Thomson in Dundee, Scotland. It is printed in six daily editions: the Early edition, and regional editions for Fife, north-east Fife, Perth, Angus and Dundee.
  11. The Courier is an ACP-EU development magazine published by the Development Directorate General of the European Commission, focusing on ACP-EU Development Cooperation. Financed by the European Development Fund (EDF), it is published every two months. ...
  12. The Ballarat Courier is a daily newspaper circulating in the Ballarat region of regional Victoria.
  13. The Courier is a daily newspaper based in Findlay, Ohio covering Allen, Hancock, Henry, Putnam, Seneca, Wood, and Wyandot counties in Ohio. ...
  14. The Courier (Hobart) is a newspaper founded in 1827 in Hobart, Tasmania, as the Hobart Town Courier it changed names to the Hobart Town Courier and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser in 1839, settling on The Courier in 1840. In 1859 it merged with The Hobart Town Daily Mercury .
  15. A monospace font that resembles the characters produced by a typewriter
  16. (Couriers) 1) All courier arrangements have to be made by the customer. At time of collection the courier must know who he is collecting on behalf and an itemized list of what is to be collected. Payment must be made before collection. ...
  17. A cleared employee, designated by the contractor, whose principal duty is to transmit classified material to its destination. The classified material remains in the personal possession of the courier except for authorized overnight storage.
  18. a traveler's paid attendant, traveling ahead to make arrangements. Dickens employs a French courier for his travels in Pictures from Italy.
  19. (pronounced KUHR-ee-er)  A soldier who served the officers of his regiment by carrying mail or messages.
  20. A monospaced typeface derived from typewriter styles. Used to simulate this effect. A font of choice for typesetting computer programs and coding.
  21. An equestrian presentation created by Andrew Ducrow in 1827 as The Courier of St. Petersburg, in which a rider stands on two galloping horses, one foot on each, and allows other horses to pass between his mounts, catching their reins as they pass, eventually holding the reins a group of ...
  22. Air21 Employee who picks up and delivers your shipments
  23. A statewide system to deliver books and materials between participating libraries. The courier is administered by CCLS. Members pay for services, primarily the regular pick-up and delivery of materials between participating libraries statewide.
  24. Selecting this option means that your parcel will be delivered to your door. You must supply a physical address where someone will be available to receive your parcel. Delivery can take 2 - 4 working days from date of dispatch.
  25. Courier is a typeface which looks like typewriter print. It is usually used in a fixed-width, or mono-spaced, font which means that all characters are spaced evenly.