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corridors, plural;
  1. A long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms

  2. A passage along the side of a railroad car, from which doors lead into compartments

  3. A belt of land between two other areas, typically having a particular feature or giving access to a particular area
    • - the valley provides the principal wildlife corridor between the uplands and the central urban area
  4. A belt of land following a road, river, or other route of passage
    • - the Boston-to-Washington corridor

  1. an enclosed passageway; rooms usually open onto it
  2. Corridor is the eighteenth studio album by Japanese pop singer Miki Imai, released on November 25, 2009. It is her first studio album in 3 years. It debuted at #61 on the weekly Oricon albums chart with 2,926 units sold.
  3. Corridor is a 1999 collection of short stories by Alfian Sa'at. It received a Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award for 1998.
  4. Corridor is an Indian graphic novel, written and illustrated by Sarnath Banerjee, set in contemporary Delhi. A shop owner by the name of Jehangir Rangoonwalla interacts with other residents of Delhi that all visit his shop.
  5. A corridor is a passageway in, and generally between, railway passenger vehicles.
  6. The Corridor is a Via Rail passenger train service area in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
  7. The Corridor is one of the world's earliest retail arcades, designed by architect Henry Goodridge and built in 1825, in Bath, Somerset, England.
  8. A narrow hall or passage with rooms leading off it; A restricted tract of land that allows passage between two places; Airspace restricted for the passage of aircraft
  9. (Corridors) A strip (width varies with terrain)of land used to connect habitat types together and provide cover for wildlife to pass.
  10. (Corridors) Areas targeted for control.  This word applies to strips of land that interconnect with Wildlands, where human presence and resource extraction are not allowed.  This word is also used in relation to transportation routes and power grids.
  11. (Corridors) Strips of natural habitat joining two or more larger areas of natural habitat, but surrounded by transformed land, and therefore acting as a corridor for the movement of animals and plants within the natural habitat.
  12. (Corridors) are the subordinate condition to fully functional, continuous habitat (remnant), and are not in themselves a conservation outcome. ...
  13. (Corridors) are used to take you from one room to another. You do not remain in them for very long and as such in dreams they signify you are in a transition.
  14. (corridors) a narrow path or passage
  15. Long straight corridors act as arrows projecting Sha chi (negative energy) and can symbolise harming relationships as the healthy Chi has nowhere to accumulate. Placing plants and windchime’s along the corridor will help reduce the negative impact. ...
  16. A strip of a particular type of land that differs from the adjacent land on both sides. Such corridors may have important ecological functions, including conduit, barrier and habitat.
  17. A long passage wall or hall connecting parts of a building.
  18. A strip of natural habitat that connects two adjacent nature preserves to allow migration of organisms from one place to another.
  19. A broad geographical band that follows a general directional flow connecting major sources of trips that may contain a number of streets, highways, and transit route alignments.
  20. A linear orientation of transport routes and flows connecting important locations that act as origins, destinations or points of transshipment. Corridors are multi-scalar entities depending on what types of flows is being investigated. ...
  21. Narrow strip of land reserved for location of transmission lines, pipelines, and service roads.
  22. A broad geographical study area for future transportation projects that follows a general route alignment such as a rail right-of-way or local roads and highways or local roads and highways. ...
  23. A tract of land forming a passageway; an ecological connection between two areas.
  24. in the context of wildlife, a strip of habitat that joins two larger blocks of habitat that permits movement of wildlife during dispersal or migration, e.g., a wooded area along a river.
  25. An area of variable width between two points where the needs for improvement are studied. The study includes, but is not limited to, social, economic, and environmental considerations, and alternatives for an area. ...