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coroners, plural;
  1. An official who investigates violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths

  2. In England, an official responsible for safeguarding the private property of the Crown

  1. a public official who investigates by inquest any death not due to natural causes
  2. A coroner or forensics examiner is an official chiefly responsible for investigating deaths, particularly some of those happening under unusual circumstances, and determining the cause of death. ...
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  5. a public official who presides over an inquest into unnatural deaths; a medical doctor who performs autopsies and determines time and cause of death from a scientific standpoint
  6. A public official who holds an inquiry into violent or suspicious deaths. A coroner has the power to summon people to the inquest.
  7. An officer of a county, district or municipality, holding inquests on deaths thought to be violent or accidental.
  8. Youl, Richard (1821 - 1897), Physician and Coroner
  9. A court officer who investigates the death of any person who dies in suspicious circumstances
  10. coroner / personne chargée de déterminer les causes d'un décès
  11. one of the oldest judicial officers in England, dating back to the 12th century. The early function of the king's coroner, or "crowner", were much wider than at present, the chief being to collect and guard certain revenues of the king. ...
  12. A medical examiner or elected official who may, in some jurisdictions, lead a death investigation.
  13. Middle English, an officer of the Crown, literally ‘a crowner’
  14. An official of a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION whose designated functions include the investigation of the cause of any violent or suspicious death that takes place within the geographical boundaries of his or her municipality.
  15. The coroner is the person who is legally authorized by the government to determine the cause of death, when this is in doubt, or if there has been death which is not deemed to be due from normal illnesses. ...
  16. a Royal Officer whose duty is to enquire, in particular circumstances, into the manner of a person’s death. See Coroners, Postmortem Examinations and Inquests.
  17. An official who investigates unexplained deaths.
  18. A government official who may be required to perform an autopsy to determine cause of death
  19. The person with legal authority to hold an inquest regarding a death that may be accidental or violent. He or she may or may not be a physician. Compare medical examiner.
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