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coped, past tense; coped, past participle; copes, 3rd person singular present; coping, present participle;
  1. (in building) Cover (a joint or structure) with a coping

  1. A long, loose cloak worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions

  2. A thing resembling or likened to a cloak
    • - the bay and the square were a seamless cope

  1. header: brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall
  2. come to terms with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"
  3. a long cloak; worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions
  4. The cope (known in Latin as pluviale 'rain coat' or cappa 'cape') is a liturgical vestment, a very long mantle or cloak, open in front and fastened at the breast with a band or clasp. It may be of any liturgical colour.
  5. Cope is the second studio album by British DJ Adam Freeland, released under the name Freeland.
  6. COPE is an 2007 psychological thriller/horror independent film written and directed by Ronald Jerry and produced by Kitty Productions, a multimedia company based in Kodiak, Alaska.
  7. Coatomer subunit epsilon is a protein that in humans is encoded by the COPE gene.
  8. "Cope" is a 1994 promo single by Gigolo Aunts. The single was taken from the US version of the album, Flippin' Out.
  9. COPE (Cadena de Ondas Populares de España, roughly translated as People's Radiowaves of Spain Network) is a private, right wing, commercial, Spanish radio network owned by a series of institutions within the Spanish Catholic Church. ...
  10. A long, loose cloak worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions; Any covering such as a canopy or a mantle; A covering piece on top of a wall exposed to the weather, usually made of metal, masonry, or stone and sloped to carry off water; The top part of a sand casting mold; To deal ...
  11. (COPES) Coordinated Outpatient Education and Intervention Services
  12. (COPES) co-ordinated observation and prediction of the earth system
  13. (Copes) The covering course of a wall, designed to throw water off it, also called capping.
  14. (Coping) A construction unit placed at the top of the parapet wall to serve as a cover for the wall.
  15. (coping) A thin covering of the coronal portion of the tooth usually without anatomic conformity. It can be used as a definitive restoration or as part of a transfer procedure.
  16. (coping) a flat stone used as a cap on freestanding walls.
  17. (COPING) The cap or top lip on the pool or spa wall that provides a finished edge around the pool or spa. It can be formed, cast in place or precast, or prefabricated of extruded aluminum or rigid vinyl. It may also be part of the system that secures a vinyl liner to the top of the pool wall.
  18. (Coping) the material which joins the pool to the deck.  It can be made of concrete, aluminum, plastic, brick, or wood.  Commonly, concrete is used on concrete pools and aluminum is used on vinyl pools.
  19. (Coping) A cap or covering course on top of a masonry wall. Designed to shed water, protect the top, and provide a finished, closed appearance to the wall.
  20. (coping) The top portion of the lip on a ramp or obstacle that is usually made of metal tubing, PVC pipe or rounded-off cement.
  21. (COPING) The material or masonry units forming a cap or finish on top of a wall, pier, pilaster, chimney, etc. It protects masonry below from penetration of water from above.
  22. (Coping) The edge of the lip that runs the length of the halfpipe wall.
  23. (COPING) Masonry covering laid on top of a wall, to stop rain soaking into the wall, usually of stone or concrete.
  24. (Coping) The top course or cover of a wall, usually made sloping to carry off the water.
  25. (Coping) The piece of material used to cover the top of a wall and protect it from the elements. It can be constructed from metal, masonry, or stone.