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contractors, plural;
  1. A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job

  1. someone (a person or firm) who contracts to build things
  2. the bridge player in contract bridge who wins the bidding and can declare which suit is to be trumps
  3. (law) a party to a contract
  4. contractile organ: a bodily organ that contracts
  5. (contract) a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
  6. (contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make
  7. Wrath is the sixth studio album by American heavy metal band Lamb of God. It was released on February 23, 2009. It achieved #2 on Billboard 200, with sales exceeding 68,000 in its first week. As of August 2010 it has sold over 200,000 copies in the United States.
  8. The Contractor is a direct-to-DVD action film starring Wesley Snipes and Lena Headey, and directed by Josef Rusnak in 2007 in Bulgaria and the UK.
  9. David Malcolm Storey (born 13 July 1933) is an English playwright, screenwriter, award winning novelist and a former professional rugby league player.
  10. (Contractor’s) A general contractor is a group or individual that contracts with another organization or individual (the owner) for the construction, renovation or demolition of a building, road or other structure. ...
  11. (Contract (2008 film)) Contract (2008) is a Hindi film by Ram Gopal Verma, where the story revolves around an ex-commando man, Aman, whose wife and daughter are killed in a terrorist attack. ...
  12. (Contract (animated short film)) Contract (Контракт) is a 1985 Soviet/Russian animation based on the short science fiction story Company Store (1958) by Robert Silverberg and directed by Vladimir Tarasov. The song I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby is used in the animation.
  13. A person who executes the building or improving of buildings; A person or company that performs specific tasks like electrical or plumbing work in construction projects; A person or company hired to maintain existing facilities like air conditioning systems, groundskeeping, etc
  14. (contract) An agreement between two or more parties, to perform a specific job or work order, often temporary or of fixed duration and usually governed by a written agreement; An agreement which the law will enforce in some way. A legally binding contract must contain at least one promise, i.e. ...
  15. (contracting) That is getting smaller
  16. (Contractors) China Electronics Technology Cooperation International · China Jing An Import and Export Corporation · China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation · China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation · China North Industries Corporation · China Precision ...
  17. (Contractors) Professionals in a specific industry that work independently; these workers are hired by companies that cannot do the job the contractor does.
  18. (Contractors) Refers to employees with whom the institution contracts to provide IT infrastructure and/or specific IT services that might otherwise be delivered by in-house IT staff. Consultants are not to be included in the "contractors" category. ...
  19. Contractors or other labor services contracted through the Designer will be billed at cost plus 10%. The Designer is then responsible for the performance and supervision of these trade’s people.
  20. contractors are usually classified as people who carry out work for the University who are not paid through the UTS payroll system. UTS uses a range of parameters to determine the status of a person as either a contractor or an employee. ...
  21. (Contract) The contractual agreement between the insured and the Insurance Provider consisting of the accepted application, the Basic Provisions, the Crop Provisions, the Special Provisions, other applicable endorsements or options, the Actuarial Table for the insured crop, the Catastrophic Risk ...
  22. (Contract) A legally enforceable promise or set of promises that must be performed and for which, if a breach of the promise occurs, the law provides a remedy.
  23. (Contract) An agreement between persons, which obliges each party to do or not to do a certain thing. Technically, a valid contract requires an offer and an acceptance of that offer, and, in common law countries, consideration.
  24. (Contract) An agreement by which the insurer agrees to provide certain benefits and/or services to the insured in exchange for consideration (premium payments).
  25. (Contract) the formal document which details all the terms of sale. The contract is prepared by the vendor's solicitor and a copy is sent to the purchaser.