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  1. (Contextualisation) Contextualization may refer to: * Contextualization (Bible translation), the process of contextualising the biblical message as perceived in the missionary mandate originated by Jesus * Contextualization (sociolinguistics), the use of language and discourse to signal relevant ...
  2. Alternative spelling of contextualize
  3. (Contextualisation) Placing the target language in a realistic setting, so as to be meaningful to the student.
  4. (Contextualisation) The addition of industry or enterprise specific information to a unit of competency to improve the standard's relevance to industry.
  5. (Contextualisation) Works well with more abstract language. As this is usually verbal, it needs to be supported with mime, pictures etc, particularly for lower levels. Needs to be checked.
  6. To take an existing item such as a document, plan or idea and put it into another context. For example, customising your training delivery to suit a particular workplace or adapting an assessment plan to suit a particular candidate's needs.