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contentions, plural;
  1. Heated disagreement
    • - the captured territory was one of the main areas of contention between the two countries
  2. An assertion, esp. one maintained in argument
    • - statistics bear out his contention that many runners are undertrained for this event

  1. a point asserted as part of an argument
  2. controversy: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"
  3. competition: the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
  4. Competition is a contest between individuals, groups, nations, animals, etc. for territory, a niche, or a location of resources. It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared. ...
  5. In computer networking, the contention ratio is the ratio of the potential maximum demand to the actual bandwidth. ...
  6. In packet mode communication networks, contention is a media access method that is used to share a broadcast medium.
  7. struggle, contest, strife, argument, debate; A point maintained in an argument, or a line of argument taken in its support; the subject matter of discussion of strife; a position taken or contended for
  8. (n.) Conflict that arises when two or more requests are made concurrently for a resource that cannot be shared. Processes running on a single processor may contend for CPU time, or a network may suffer from contention if several messages attempt to traverse the same link at the same time.
  9. Term denoting simultaneous transponder responses capable of causing potential confusion, and misreading, within a reader/interrogator system unequipped with anti-contention facilities.
  10. It was said in Palestine: "Whoso first desisteth from strife is of good family." A quarrel is as a leak in a pail, which ever increases.
  11. A condition arising when two or more data stations attempt to transmit at the same time using the same link or channel.
  12. Where two tasks each want an exclusive resource. You may hear talk of, for example, spinlock contention, which is where one or more tasks is commonly busy-waiting for a spinlock to become unlocked, as it is being taken by other tasks.
  13. Attention with a little concentration, without effort.
  14. A contention is a major argument in the debate.  Affirmatives and negatives build their cases with contentions.
  15. The situation where two LUs try to allocate a conversation over the same session at the same time.
  16. Occurs when several CPUs or processes need to access the same resource at the same time.
  17. In multiprocessing a situation in which several processors compete for the use of a shared resource.
  18. A method of line control in which terminals compete with each other for permission to transmit over a common channel. If the channel is free, the terminal transmits. If the channel is in use by another terminal, the terminal attempting to transmit waits until the channel is free.
  19. A struggling together in opposition; strife.
  20. test: Verifies the target-of-test can acceptably handle multiple actor demands on the same resource (data records, memory, and so forth).
  21. The condition that arises when two or more users simultaneously request access to the same network resource.
  22. A term usually used to describe a condition that occurs when two or more processes or threads attempt to obtain the same resource. The results of contention can vary depending on the resource in question.
  23. dissertation, postulate, premise, supposition, theory, argument, belief, composition, discourse, essay, exposition
  24. (n.) strife in debate. "These clothes, like other things about the baby, become a point of contention" (213).
  25. (noun) a striving in rivalry; competition; contest