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(of a person, behavior, or process) Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time,
  1. (of a person, behavior, or process) Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time
    • - manufacturing processes require a consistent approach
  2. Compatible or in agreement with something
    • - the injuries are consistent with falling from a great height
  3. (of an argument or set of ideas) Not containing any logical contradictions
    • - a consistent explanation

  1. (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable; "testimony consistent with the known facts"; "I have decided that the course of conduct which I am following is consistent with my sense of responsibility as president in time of war"- FDR
  2. reproducible: capable of being reproduced; "astonishingly reproducible results can be obtained"
  3. coherent: marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts; "a coherent argument"
  4. the same throughout in structure or composition; "bituminous coal is often treated as a consistent and homogeneous product"
  5. (consistently) systematically: in a systematic or consistent manner; "they systematically excluded women"
  6. (consistence) consistency: a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts
  7. In logic, a consistent theory is one that does not contain a contradiction. The lack of contradiction can be defined in either semantic or syntactic terms. ...
  8. (Consistency (database systems)) In database systems, a consistent transaction is one that does not violate any integrity constraints during its execution. If a transaction leaves the database in an illegal state, it is aborted and an error is reported.
  9. (Consistency (knowledge bases)) A knowledge base KB is consistent iff its negation is not a tautology.
  10. plural Objects or facts that are coexistent, or in agreement with one another; In the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church, a kind of penitent who was allowed to assist at prayers, but could not be admitted to receive the holy sacrament; of a regularly occurring, dependable nature; Of a set ...
  11. (consistence) the physical quality which is given by the degree of firmness, solidity, density, and viscosity; the staying together, or remaining in close relation of non-physical things; standing still; quiescence; state of rest
  12. Soil consistence is the resistance to deformation or rupture and the degree of cohesion or adhesion of the soil mass. ...
  13. (Consistency) Accounting postulate which stipulates that, except as otherwise noted in the financial statement, the same accounting policies and procedures have been followed from period to period by an organization in the preparation and presentation of its financial statements.
  14. (consistency) ‚ The ability of fresh concrete to flow. The usual measure of consistency is slump.
  15. Consistency is the quality of an interface when it behaves in ways users expect. It means that users can apply the knowledge obtained in some previous experience to enhance current performance.
  16. (Consistency) The extent to which the conclusions of a collection of studies used to support a guideline recommendation are in agreement with each other. See also Homogeneity.
  17. Inventory definition: Consistency means that an inventory should be internally consistent in all its elements over a period of years. ...
  18. (consistency) The degree of uniformity, standardization, and freedom from contradiction among the documents or parts of a component or system. [IEEE 610]
  19. (Consistency) The resistance of a paint to flow. A paint with high consistency flows slowly; a paint with low consistency flows readily.
  20. (Consistency) Keeping to the same method of recording transactions, except in special cases.
  21. (Consistency) The ability of a cigar brand or line to provide the same high level of taste.
  22. (Consistency) The degree to which a semi-solid material such as grease resists deformation.
  23. (Consistency) The fluidity of a fresh mortar.(EN 1015-3 Masonry mortars)(EN 12706 Floor levelling mortars)
  24. (Consistency) steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form,etc
  25. (consistency) the extent to which a person behaves in the same way in a given situation on different occasions. 595