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Compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces,
  1. Compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces

  1. compulsory military service
  2. (conscript) draftee: someone who is drafted into military service
  3. (conscript) enroll into service compulsorily; "The men were conscripted"
  4. Conscription is the compulsory enrollment of people to some sort of public service. While the service may be of any sort associated with the public, the term typically refers to enlistment in a country's military., Merriam-Webster Online. ...
  5. (The Conscript) The Conscript (De loteling) is a 1974 Belgian drama film directed by Roland Verhavert. It was entered into the 24th Berlin International Film Festival.
  6. (The Conscripts) Enrôlés de Force (Zwangsrekrutéierten, Zwangsrekruten) was a Luxembourgian single-issue political party and pressure group. ...
  7. involuntary labor, especially military service, demanded by some established authority
  8. (Conscript) A draftee.  The military draft became a necessity on both sides of the conflict.  While many conscripts were excellent soldiers, veterans often considered draftees to be inferior, unreliable soldiers.  Towns often posted pleas for volunteers in order to "avoid the draft".  See image»
  9. (The Conscript) (Le Réquisitionnaire, 1831)
  10. (Conscripted) Forcing individuals to enroll for service in the armed forces.
  11. A system of compulsory recruitment for the armed services.
  12. Free men fighting against their will.
  13. A term used during the Civil War that referred to forcing men to serve in the military. The Confederates first introduced conscription in 1862 and the Union followed suit one year later. In the twentieth century, Americans use the term draft instead.