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confessions, plural;
  1. A formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime
    • - he signed a confession to the murders
  2. An admission or acknowledgment that one has done something that one is ashamed or embarrassed about
    • - by his own confession, he had strayed perilously close to alcoholism
  3. A formal admission of one's sins with repentance and desire of absolution, esp. privately to a priest as a religious duty
    • - she still had not been to confession
  4. Intimate revelations about a person's private life or occupation, esp. as presented in a sensationalized form in a book, newspaper, or movie
    • - confessions of a driving instructor
  5. A statement setting out essential religious doctrine

  6. The religious body or church sharing a confession of faith

  7. A statement of one's principles
    • - his words are a political confession of faith

  1. an admission of misdeeds or faults
  2. a written document acknowledging an offense and signed by the guilty party
  3. (Roman Catholic Church) the act of a penitent disclosing his sinfulness before a priest in the sacrament of penance in the hope of absolution
  4. a public declaration of your faith
  5. the document that spells out the belief system of a given church (especially the Reformation churches of the 16th century)
  6. (confessional) a booth where a priest sits to hear confessions
  7. The confession of a person's sins is a religious practice in a number of Christian traditions, e.g., Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.
  8. Confession is the second album released by Ill Niño. The album debuted at #37 in the Billboard Top 200 with first week sales of 27,863. It has been their most successful album to date, selling nearly 500,000 copies in the United States. ...
  9. Michael Crafter (born 28 June 1981) is an Australian musician and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the lead vocalist of bands I Killed the Prom Queen and Confession, and is also a former vocalist for Bands - Carpathian and Bury Your Dead. He also played Bass for Shotpointblank.
  10. The Japanese animation television series Death Note, is based on the manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. ...
  11. Confession is a 1937 drama film starring Kay Francis, Ian Hunter, Basil Rathbone and Jane Bryan. It was directed by Joe May and is a remake of the German film Mazurka starring Pola Negri.
  12. Confession was the first episode in the second season of the long-running crime drama television series Law & Order. It was aired on September 17, 1991.
  13. The open admittance of having done something (especially of something bad); the disclosure of one's sins to a priest for absolution. Now termed the sacrament of reconciliation
  14. (confess) To admit to the truth, particularly in the context of sins or crimes committed; To disclose or reveal
  15. (Confessional) 1997. Vc, orch. CBC SMCD 5214 (Shauna Rolston)
  16. (Confessional) Renfaires (west coast). Portable toilets. Every morning, 2-3 of our members would plant themselves in the privies as the gates opened, and the first patrons in the area would be treated by confessions between the toilets. "Damn, Padre, this wafer tastes AWFUL!"
  17. (Confessional) Wooden barrier placed between a priest and a person who is confessing their sins.
  18. (confessional) In Christian church architecture: A separate place in Roman Catholic churches, often in the form of a wooden cubicle, where the faithful enter individually to meet the priest seated behind a partition. ...
  19. (Confessions) (tr. J.G. Pilkington)
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  21. (CONFESS) To tell Jesus a sin I did – to agree with God.
  22. (Confess) Admit something that will be damaging to ones reputation, or freedom. To speak a belief that goes against popular opinion or the norm of the audience (even if the admission will result in ones expulsion from a desired group). Openly admitting to disapproved thoughts and or actions. ...
  23. (Confess) means to admit or tell what you did wrong. What’s the word?
  24. (confess) address, chest, guessed, impressed, mess
  25. (Gr. Exomologisis). The act of confessing or acknowledgment of sins by an individual before God in the presence of a priest, who serves as a spiritual guide and confessor (pneumatikos) authorized to ask for forgiveness and to administer a penance.