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concessions, plural;
  1. A thing that is granted, esp. in response to demands; a thing conceded
    • - the strikers returned to work having won some concessions
  2. The action of conceding, granting, or yielding something

  3. A gesture, esp. a token one, made in recognition of a demand or prevailing standard
    • - her only concession to fashion was her ornate silver ring
  4. A preferential allowance or rate given by an organization
    • - tax concessions
  5. The right to use land or other property for a specified purpose, granted by a government, company, or other controlling body
    • - new logging concessions
  6. A commercial operation within the premises of a larger concern, typically selling refreshments
    • - operates the concessions at the stadium
    • - public restrooms and concession stands
  7. A piece of land into which surveyed land is divided, itself further divided into lots

  1. a contract granting the right to operate a subsidiary business; "he got the beer concession at the ball park"
  2. the act of conceding or yielding
  3. a point conceded or yielded; "they won all the concessions they asked for"
  4. A concession is a business operated under a contract or license associated with a degree of exclusivity in business within a certain geographical area. For example, sports arenas or public parks may have concession stands. ...
  5. In politics, a concession is the act of a losing candidate publicly yielding to a winning candidate after an election, when the overall result of the vote has become clear.
  6. In international law, a concession is a territory within a country that is administered by another entity than the state which holds sovereignty over it. This is usually a colonizing power, or at least mandated by one, as in the case of colonial chartered companies.
  7. Concession is a furry webcomic written and illustrated by Immelmann. It began July 1, 2006 and is still being updated regularly, normally twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, with a bonus comic on Sundays. ...
  8. the act of conceding, especially that of defeat; something, such as an argument, that is conceded or admitted to be wrong; Admitting a point to strengthen one's overall case; the grant of some land to be used for a specified purpose; a contract to operate a small business as a subsidiary of a ...
  9. (concessionist) A person who advocates concession
  10. (Concessions) Additional value granted by a buyer or seller to entice another party to complete a deal.
  11. (Concessions) Benefits or discounts given by the seller or landlord of a property to help close a sale or lease. Common concessions include absorption of moving expenses, space remodeling, or upgrades (also called “build-outs”), and reduced rent for the initial term of the lease.
  12. (Concessions) Cash or cash equivalents expended by the landlord in the form of rental abatement, additional tenant finish allowance, moving expenses, cabling expenses or other monies expended to influence or persuade the tenant to sign a lease.
  13. (concessions) Benefits granted by a seller/lessor to induce a sale/lease.
  14. (CONCESSIONS) During negotiations, these are the items that each party is willing to give up in order to get the items each party really wants.
  15. (CONCESSIONS) Operations that generally operate in conjunction with other activities such as sporting events, movies, and rodeos or they may be seasonal in nature and operate at public parks and pools. Menus are limited and food preparation is simple involving one or two steps
  16. (CONCESSIONS) Sacrifices made by a party to convince another party to enter a contract.
  17. (CONCESSIONS) When a seller has a home registered on the real estate listings or a business for sale, often during negotiations a buyer may want to buy a property, but only if the seller reduces the price or fixes the deficient items shown by a home inspection checklist. ...
  18. (Concessions (lease agreements)) Allow a private individual or organization to explore for and hopefully produce on behalf of the mineral right’s owner
  19. (Concessions) (Food) Definitely not Nutritions.
  20. (Concessions) (also known as stores within stores) trading areas usually within department stores, sold, licensed or rented out to manufacturers or other retail names so that they can create their own distinctive trading image.
  21. (Concessions) Brands which are sold through our stores where the stock belongs to a third-party concessionaire. They are found chiefly in womenswear (e.g. Wallis, Oasis, Warehouse) and accessories (e.g. Tripp luggage).
  22. (Concessions) Depending on circumstances, I am open to negotiation on price, where training for a registered charity is involved, or where a person can evidence being on benefits, or retired.  Please get in touch to discuss.
  23. (Concessions) European or Japanese governed enclaves within Chinese cities.
  24. (Concessions) Giving a little on an issue in bargaining to try and come to an agreement
  25. (Concessions) Not hot dogs or nachos, concessions are discounts or consideration given by the buyer, seller, or both that allow the deal to proceed. Think of it as “I’ll do this if you’ll do that.” Concessions during the course of negotiation are what allow deals to get done.