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Worried, troubled, or anxious,
  1. Worried, troubled, or anxious
    • - the villagers are concerned about burglaries

  1. feeling or showing worry or solicitude; "concerned parents of youthful offenders"; "was concerned about the future"; "we feel concerned about accomplishing the task at hand"; "greatly concerned not to disappoint a small child"
  2. involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in; "a memorandum to those concerned"; "an enterprise in which three men are concerned"; "factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics"; "the interested parties met to discuss the business"
  3. implicated: culpably involved; "all those concerned in the bribery case have been identified"; "named three officials implicated in the plot"; "an innocent person implicated by circumstances in a crime"
  4. (concernedly) in a manner showing concern; "`Are you all right,' he asked concernedly"
  5. (concern) refer: be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
  6. (concern) something that interests you because it is important or affects you; "the safety of the ship is the captain's concern"
  7. Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman is a webcomic created by Christopher C. Livingston, parodying the first-person shooter video game Half-Life 2. ...
  8. (Concern (business)) A concern (Konzern) is a German type of business group. It results from the merger of several legally independent companies an economic entity under unified management. These associated companies called "Group" companies.
  9. (Concern (charity)) Concern Worldwide (often referred to as simply Concern) is an Irish charitable organisation focused on providing emergency humanitarian aid and development aid to combat extreme poverty, primarily in developing countries.
  10. (Concern (computer science)) In computer science, a concern is a particular set of behaviours needed by a computer program, the conceptual sections. ...
  11. (Concern (horse)) Concern (foaled 1991 in Maryland) is a multi-millionaire American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was sired by top stallion Broad Brush, who in turn was a son of Ack Ack. His dam was Fara's Team. ...
  12. (concern) That which affects one's welfare or happiness; The expression of solicitude, anxiety, or compassion toward a thing or person; A business, firm or enterprise; a company; To be of importance to; To make somebody worried
  13. (concernment) The state or quality of being a concern
  14. (Concern) a idea or prompting by the Spirit which leads a Friend to take on an issue as a personal crusade. The Friend will probably bring their concern to their business meeting to be tested, that is to see if it is a true concern or simply a notion.
  15. (Concern) A quickening sense of the need to do something about a situation or issue in response to what is felt to be a direct intimation of God's will.
  16. (CONCERN) A deep interest, whether by an individual or a meeting, in some spiritual or social matter.  An interest so deep and vigorous that often it must be expressed in action.
  17. (CONCERN) A caring condition shown by a willingness to help others. Interest in, or care for, any person or thing.
  18. (Concern) A matter of importance to one or more individuals or groups. Issues and concerns delineate needs.
  19. (Concern) Any business entity organized for profit, located in the U.S., and making contributions to the U.S. economy through payment of taxes and/or use of American products, material, and/or labor.
  20. (Concern) Entry into mental/behavioral health services is quick easy and convenient
  21. (Concern) Irish NGO - Site II.
  22. (Concern) Something that is troubling to the spirit. It might be as big as world hunger, or as small as the size of the meeting's electric bill. Through discernment, a concern might (or might not) become a leading.
  23. (Concern) The Sec. 1031 rules are very specific and unforgiving if you make an error. Recommendation: Consult with a CPA who specializes in real estate or a tax attorney. ...
  24. (Concern) seeking improvement to a situation using a direct and informal approach to the individual/s concerned. The aim is to reach a resolution through informal consultation with the relevant staff member/s.
  25. (Concern) the mode of care that Dasein has about paraphernalia and the tasks in which paraphernalia is involved. We are concerned with the hammer and the job of hammering, but solicitous toward others.