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(of two things) Able to exist or occur together without conflict,
  1. (of two things) Able to exist or occur together without conflict
    • - the fruitiness of Beaujolais is compatible with a number of meat dishes
  2. (of two people) Able to have a harmonious relationship: well-suited
    • - it's a pity we're not compatible
  3. (of one thing) Consistent with another
    • - the symptoms were compatible with gastritis or a peptic ulcer
  4. (of a computer, a piece of software, or other device) Able to be used with a specified piece of equipment or software without special adaptation or modification
    • - the printer is fully compatible with all leading software
  1. A computer that can use software designed for another make or type

  1. able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination; "a compatible married couple"; "her deeds were compatible with her ideology"
  2. capable of being used with or connected to other devices or components without modification
  3. capable of forming a homogeneous mixture that neither separates nor is altered by chemical interaction
  4. (compatibility) a feeling of sympathetic understanding
  5. (compatibility) capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination
  6. (compatibly) with compatibility
  7. (Compatibles) Astrological compatibility (synastry) is the branch of astrology that studies relationships by comparing natal horoscopes. ...
  8. (Compatibility (chemical)) Chemical compatibility is a measure of how stable a substance is when mixed with another substance . If substances mix and do not change they are considered compatible. If substances mix and change or do not mix at all they are considered incompatible.
  9. (Compatibility (geochemistry)) In geochemistry, compatibility is a measure of how readily a particular trace element will substitute for a major element within a mineral.
  10. (Compatibility (mechanics)) In continuum mechanics, a compatible deformation (or strain) tensor field in a body is that unique field that is obtained when the body is subjected to a continuous, single-valued, displacement field. ...
  11. Capable of easy interaction; Able to get along well
  12. (Compatibility) Refers to the ability of a thread to follow another thread supplier, thread type, and/or thread color on the sewing floor with minimum machine adjustments. To minimize thread incompatibility, A&E® recommends using the minimum number of suppliers if possible.
  13. (Compatibility) Refers to the problem of a transmitter on a device causing interference to a receiver, or receivers on the same device (such as may be encountered on satellites, aircraft, or automotive vehicles).
  14. (Compatibility) the extent to which a new product requires consumers to adjust to unfamiliar methods of use; a major determinant of the rate of new product adoption.
  15. (compatibility) pieces of equipment and / or software which are capable of being used together without special modification are termed compatible.
  16. (COMPATIBILITY) ability of two or more materials to mix with each other without separation.
  17. (Compatibility) Different glasses that have the same COE are said to be compatible. This means that they can be joined together while hot without breaking apart when cool.
  18. (Compatibility) The ability of two or more substances to mix without objectionable changes in their physical or chemical properties.
  19. (COMPATIBILITY) The ability of different materials to blend and form a homogeneous system.
  20. (Compatibility) Websites will be programmed to be compatible with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+ and Safari 4+ for MAC & PC. ...
  21. (compatibility) the ability of ink, film, substrate, and/or solvents to function together in harmony.
  22. (Compatibility) the capability of entities to be used jointly in certain conditions in order to meet certain demands as defined by the quality standards;
  23. (Compatibility) The ability of two components to work within one system [2]. The economic characteristic of compatibility is that once a user buys equipment of a specific system, they will be prone to the lock-in effect whereby the user can only buy products that are compatible with their ...
  24. (Compatibility) The ability for computer programs and computer readable data to be transferred from one hardware system to another without losses, changes, or extra programming.
  25. (17. Compatibility) We do not guarantee that our site will be compatible with all hardware and software which may be used by visitors to our site. ...