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colonels, plural;
  1. An army officer of high rank, in particular (in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps) an officer above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general

  1. a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines who ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general
  2. Colonel , abbreviated as Col or COL, is a military rank of a commissioned officer, with corresponding ranks existing in almost every country in the world. It is also used in some police forces and other paramilitary rank structures. A colonel is typically in charge of a regiment in the army.
  3. Thierry Geoffroy (born 1961), also known as Colonel, is a Danish-French artist. Living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Conceptual artist specialized in format art.
  4. The Liberators are a group of fictional comic book supervillains appearing in books published by Marvel Comics who appear in comics set in the Ultimate Marvel universe. Created by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, they appear in the miniseries Ultimates 2.
  5. Polkovnik (Полковник, Pułkownik, Полковник, Czech: Plukovník; literally "Regimentary") is a military rank in Slavic countries which corresponds to a Colonel in English-speaking states. ...
  6. The Indian Army has followed British Army rank system since its independence from British Empire in 1947. However, the crown in the rank insignia has been replaced with the Ashoka Lion, which symbolizes the sovereignty of Government of India.
  7. This is a list of recurring characters appearing in the Mega Man X series of video games published by Capcom. Unless otherwise stated, each of these characters is a reploid; an artificially intelligent android. ...
  8. Colonels or Koronel are the most senior officers of the AFP that are less than a General's Rank. They act as Group Commanders and Brigade Commanders in field. They make decisions on their own and with an able staff corps make successes that reach the daily news.
  9. The honorary title of Colonel is conferred by some states in the United States of America and certain units of the Canadian Forces. ...
  10. Colonel is a rank of the British forces, ranking below Brigadier, and above Lieutenant Colonel. British Colonels are not usually field commanders; typically they serve as staff officers between field commands at battalion and brigade level. ...
  11. The Colonel (ผมไม่อยากเป็นพันโท, Pom Mai Yak Pen Pan To, literally "I don't want to be a lieutenant colonel") is a 1974 Thai action-thriller film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol.
  12. The Colonel (Az Ezredes) is a 1917 Hungarian film directed by Michael Curtiz. It featured Béla Lugosi in one of his earliest screen roles.
  13. One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as 101 Dalmatians, is a 1961 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. ...
  14. The Colonel is a farce in three acts by F. C. Burnand based on Jean François Bayard's Le mari à la campagne, first produced in 1844 and produced in London in 1849 by Morris Barnett as The Serious Family.
  15. (The colonels) "The colonels," "the colonels' regime," and "Piłsudski's colonels", TIME, Monday, Apr. 07, 1930, TIME, Monday, Dec. 25, 1933 are expressions that refer to a group of prominent individuals in the Second Polish Republic who dominated the government from 1926 to 1939. ...
  16. To dream of seeing or being commanded by a colonel, denotes you will fail to reach any prominence in social or business circles. If you are a colonel, it denotes you will contrive to hold position above those of friends or acquaintances.
  17. Traditional title used by some to identify auctioneers. Its origin supposedly dates to the Civil War when army colonels would occasionally auction off spoils of war.
  18. It is a military rank in the army and air force and usually the highest below the general grades.
  19. The highest of the Field Rank. Originally in command of a regiment, that role is now the domain of the Lieutenant Colonel who commands a battalion or regiment. Its origins date from 1505 when the King of Spain created 20 tactical formations, or columns known as "colunelus". ...
  20. con man ["He requests that no further details be made public"]
  21. Proper in addressing lieutenant colonels and colonels.
  22. The sixth Officer Rank (0-6) of an Air Force rank structure, this rank is denoted by a bald eagle.
  23. A high-ranking officer (just below generals).
  24. (2 in quantity; 3 in rank) is widely hailed to be the most awesome unit in the game, partially due to its ability to kill nearly everything while still being moderately available, yet mostly because of the bitchin' headdress he wears. ...
  25. Requirement - 240000 score