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(of a person) Not perturbed or distracted,
  1. (of a person) Not perturbed or distracted
    • - outwardly they are cool, calm, and collected
  2. (of individual works) Brought together in one volume or edition
    • - the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe
  3. (of a volume or edition) Containing all the works of a particular person or category

  4. (of a horse) Moving with a shortened stride and with its hind legs correctly placed to achieve balance and impulsion

  1. brought together in one place; "the collected works of Milton"; "the gathered folds of the skirt"
  2. in full control of your faculties; "the witness remained collected throughout the cross-examination"; "perfectly poised and sure of himself"; "more self-contained and more dependable than many of the early frontiersmen"; "strong and self-possessed in the face of trouble"
  3. (collectedly) in a self-collected or self-possessed manner; "he announced the death of his father collectedly"
  4. (collect) payable by the recipient on delivery; "a collect call"; "the letter came collect"; "a COD parcel"
  5. (collect) a short prayer generally preceding the lesson in the Church of Rome or the Church of England
  6. (collect) roll up: get or gather together; "I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife"; "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis"; "She rolled up a small fortune"
  7. Collected is a "best of" album by British trip-hop collective Massive Attack, released on 27 March 2006. The album was preceded by the release of the single "Live With Me" on 13 March.
  8. Collected is a compilation album by Canadian rapper k-os. The album contains recent tracks from the first three albums, the hit singles, and remixes of a couple singles. The album also contains three new tracks. Two of which were leftovers from ''''.
  9. Collected is a five disc Black 'N Blue box set, released in 2005, with 4 audio CDs and one DVD.
  10. Collection is when a horse carries more weight on his hindlegs than his front legs. The horse draws the body in upon itself so that it becomes like a giant spring whose stored energy can be reclaimed for fighting or running from a predator. ...
  11. Collected (aka Seed 1) is a 2005 promotional DVD, freely distributed in limited supply by Nine Inch Nails. ...
  12. (A Collection (DVD)) A Collection is a 2005 DVD by New Order, featuring the majority of their music videos, as well as three alternate versions, two new videos for older songs, and a live performance. ...
  13. Cool‐headed, emotionally stable, in focus
  14. (collect) The prayer said before the reading of the epistle lesson, especially one found in a prayerbook, as with the Book of Common Prayer; To gather together; amass items; To get; particularly, get from someone; To accumulate similar items or items belonging to a particular theme, ...
  15. (collection) A set of items or objects procured or gathered together by a person, group, or other agent; Multiple related objects associated as a group; The activity of collecting; A set of sets
  16. (Collect (COL)) Freight charges to be paid by the consignee upon delivery or charged to their established account.
  17. (collect) a brief prayer which “collects” the petitions of the people
  18. (Collect) Freight charges to consignee (discretion of carrier as to driver collect or billed to consignee).
  19. (collect) abbreviation of 'collective', 'collectively'
  20. (Collect) (dividend) – the dollar return from a winning bet. For a winning $10 bet at 6.00 odds the collect is $60.
  21. (Collect) A call that is paid for by the receiving/destination phone number. Requires approval/authorization of the person being called.
  22. (Collect) A prayer that is sung or said on behalf of the people by the celebrant or officiant at liturgical celebrations.
  23. (Collect) A precision work-holding chuck which centers bar stock or other workpieces automatically.
  24. (Collect) A term denoting that transportation charges are to be paid at the point of destination (by the receiver).
  25. (Collect) Bapt. ' the son of Nicholas,' from the nick. Col, and dim. Col-et or Colette. Found as Colecta in the 14th century. For quotation from Prompt. Parv., v. Collett. I believe the surname is extinct, but it lasted till the close of the 16th century, and is imitative. ...