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colder, comparative; coldest, superlative;
  1. Of or at a low or relatively low temperature, esp. when compared with the human body
    • - a freezing cold day
    • - it's cold outside
    • - a sharp, cold wind
  2. (of food or drink) Served or consumed without being heated or after cooling
    • - a cold drink
    • - serve hot or cold
  3. (of an engine) Not having been warmed up properly

  4. (of a person) Feeling uncomfortably cold
    • - she was cold, and I put some more wood on the fire
  5. Feeling or characterized by fear or horror
    • - he suddenly went cold with a dreadful certainty
    • - a cold shiver of fear
  6. Unconscious
    • - she was out cold
  7. Dead
    • - lying cold and stiff in a coffin
  8. Lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional
    • - how cold and calculating he was
    • - cold black eyes
    • - cold politeness
  9. Not affected by emotion; objective
    • - cold statistics
  10. Sexually unresponsive; frigid

  11. Depressing or dispiriting; not suggestive of warmth
    • - the cold, impersonal barrack-room
    • - a cold light streamed through the window
  12. (of a color) Containing pale blue or gray

  13. Ineffective in playing a game
    • - Butler capitalized on Xavier's cold shooting
  14. (of the scent or trail of a hunted person or animal) No longer fresh and easy to follow
    • - the trail went cold
  15. (in children's games) Far from finding or guessing what is sought, as opposed to warm or nearing success

  16. Without preparation or rehearsal; unawares
    • - going into the test cold
  1. A low temperature, esp. in the atmosphere; cold weather; a cold environment
    • - my teeth chattered with the cold
    • - they nearly died of cold
  2. A common viral infection in which the mucous membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed, typically causing running at the nose, sneezing, a sore throat, and other similar symptoms

  1. Completely; entirely
    • - she knew world capitals cold by age nine

  1. having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration; "a cold climate"; "a cold room"; "dinner has gotten cold"; "cold fingers"; "if you are cold, turn up the heat"; "a cold beer"
  2. a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs); "will they never find a cure for the common cold?"
  3. coldness: the absence of heat; "the coldness made our breath visible"; "come in out of the cold"; "cold is a vasoconstrictor"
  4. having lost freshness through passage of time; "a cold trail"; "dogs attempting to catch a cold scent"
  5. the sensation produced by low temperatures; "he shivered from the cold"; "the cold helped clear his head"
  6. (color) giving no sensation of warmth; "a cold bluish grey"
  7. Cold (the opposite of hot) refers to the condition or subjective perception of having low temperature; it is the absence of heat or warmth.
  8. Colitose (or GDP-colitose) is a mannose-derived 3,6-dideoxysugar produced by certain bacteria.
  9. Cold is the debut album by American Alternative Metal band Cold. It precedes the band's breakthrough success into the mainstream hard rock scene. When compared to their later albums this one is more aggressive and has a much rawer sound. ...
  10. "Cold" is a song by the British singer Annie Lennox. It was released as the fourth single from her 1992 album, Diva and reached no.26 in the UK.
  11. Cold is an American post-grunge band, formed in 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida. With two gold-albums under their belt, Cold has sold over one million records. On November 17, 2006, Ward announced on MySpace that, after a period of uncertainty since that February, the group had decided to disband. ...
  12. "Cold (But I'm Still Here)" is the first single off Evans Blue's debut album, The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume. The song was released in late 2005, two months prior to the album release, and garnered frequent radio play in anticipation of the upcoming album. ...
  13. A condition of low temperature; A common, usually harmless, viral illness, usually with congestion of the nasal passages and sometimes fever; Having a low temperature; Causing the air to be cold; Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort; Unfriendly, ...
  14. (Coldly (Tom Swifty)) "Cryogenics is quackery!" Tom said coldly.
  15. (Colds) A recent 55-study review ^[84] found little positive effect of a vitamin C intake on common cold at low doses, but indication of prophylaxis benefits at higher doses especially where the subjects were in stressful situations.
  16. (Colds) Viral infection of the upper respiratory area (nose, throat, or sinuses). The most important cause of asthma episodes, especially in young children.
  17. A player on a losing streak, or a slot machine that is not paying out.
  18. the meaning is obvious. Too often, wines are served so cold that their odors and flavors are stunted, unable to show themseIves.
  19. The absence of heat. A refrigeration product does not add cold, but merely removes the heat.
  20. As in ‘Cold List’ or ‘Cold Prospect.’ This refers to when the prospect or list has no prior relationship to you, your product or company. The term ‘cold’ is another way of saying that there’s no bond or rapport between you and the prospect. ...
  21. To dream of suffering from cold, you are warned to look well to your affairs. There are enemies at work to destroy you. Your health is also menaced.
  22. If a player says his cards have "gone cold," he's having a bad streak.
  23. When either a player or the table is having an extensive losing streak.
  24. To be Cold is to be on a losing streak.
  25. An acronym for Computer Output to Laser Disc, as in the storage of data on optical disc (eg: CD-ROM). Storing large quantities of data onto laser disk, as opposed to microfiche or microfilm, enables computer search access of this information, and more readily distributes information to users. ...