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coffins, plural;
  1. Put (a dead body) in a coffin

  1. A long, narrow box, typically of wood, in which a corpse is buried or cremated

  2. An old and unsafe aircraft or vessel

  1. box in which a corpse is buried or cremated
  2. place into a coffin; "her body was coffined"
  3. A coffin is a funerary box used in the display and containment of deceased remains – either for burial or cremation.
  4. Various obstacles are found in competitive sports involving Horse jumping. These include show jumping, hunter, and the cross-country phase of the equestrian discipline of eventing. ...
  5. Coffin is a surname of English origin, and may refer to: * Bill Coffin, writer of novels and role-playing games * Charles Edward Coffin, politician from U.S. ...
  6. The coffin was a type of torture developed in the Middle Ages. In it, the victim was placed inside a metal human-shaped frame. This frame was often made too large to increase discomfort. The time spent inside of the "coffin" was determined by the crime for which the person had been convicted. ...
  7. The Coffin family were a group of whalers operating out of Nantucket, Massachusetts from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. Some members of the family gained wider exposure due to their discovery of various islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  8. The Coffin is a South Korean/Thai/Singapore horror film starring Ananda Everingham and Karen Mok.
  9. A container for a mummy. It could be a rectangular box or anthropoid (human) shaped. The word coffin is often interchanged with sarcophagus, although strictly the latter refers to the outer stone container which contains the coffin.
  10. A wedge shaped burial case, usually eight- sided.
  11. What you do when you get a piece of popcorn stuck in your throat.
  12. An English-style, wedge-shaped casket, usually with 6 sides.
  13. This dream is unlucky. You will, if you are a farmer, see your crops blasted and your cattle lean and unhealthy. To business men it means debts whose accumulation they are powerless to avoid. To the young it denotes unhappy unions and death of loved ones. ...
  14. The box in which bodies are laid to rest. Also the part of a horse hoof.
  15. (in  Levi Coffin (American abolitionist))
  16. slang for the environmentally secure container that's used to safely transport HAZMAT toxins and other deadly CBR munitions for storage, use, or disposal; term alludes to their lethal contents; compare TOMB, DUMP; see MOPP, BUNNY SUIT, DEMILITARIZE. ...
  17. Also called the rails-ditch-rails, the coffin is a combination fence where the horse jumps a set of rails, continues to a ditch, then to another jump.
  18. In the Ancient Mysteries the aspirant could not claim a participation in the highest secrets until he had been placed in the Pastos, a bed or coffin. The placing him in the coffin was called the symbolical death of the mysteries, and his deliverance was termed a raising from the dead. ...
  19. A six-sided container designed to encase human remains, usually constructed of wood.
  20. n. A 1x1x2 meter motel room with few accoutrements other than a foam bed/floor, (often) a public trid-phone entertainment unit, and scarcely enough room to allow the patron to crawl in and close the door.
  21. a box or chest in which to bury your pet. A coffin is the same as a casket.
  22. A container within which a body is placed for burial, usually made of lead or wood.
  23. Medieval term for a pie crust; May be used covered (double crust) or uncovered (single crust); usually the top crust was only for keeping ashes out of the contents, and frequently was removed and thrown away rather than eaten. Being good "trenchermen", of course, we usually eat ours.
  24. A container for the disposition of a corpse that, in contrast to a casket, is hexagonal and has shaped shoulders.
  25. When Shakespeare speaks of a coffin-custard, he is not referring to the results of a botched embalming job but of the common pastry-covered pie. ...