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clubs, plural;
  1. Beat (a person or animal) with a club or similar implement
    • - the islanders clubbed whales to death
  1. A heavy stick with a thick end, esp. one used as a weapon

  2. One of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a black trefoil

  3. A card of such a suit

  1. baseball club: a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together; "each club played six home games with teams in its own division"
  2. unite with a common purpose; "The two men clubbed together"
  3. a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"
  4. gather and spend time together; "They always club together"
  5. stout stick that is larger at one end; "he carried a club in self defense"; "he felt as if he had been hit with a club"
  6. strike with a club or a bludgeon
  7. A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. A service club, for example, exists for voluntary or charitable activities; there are clubs devoted to hobbies and sports, social activities clubs, political and religious clubs, and so forth.
  8. Club (or Kensitas Club as it was once known), is a brand of cigarette distributed by Gallaher tobacco and available only in the United Kingdom.
  9. A truncheon or baton (also called a cosh, Paddy wacker, billystick, b'tawn, billy club, nightstick, sap, blackjack, stick) is essentially a stick of less than arm's length, usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and carried by law-enforcement, corrections, security, and (less often) military ...
  10. Club is a monthly American pornographic magazine which is a spin-off publication of the United Kingdom's Club International. Club features sexually oriented articles, video reviews, and pictorials that include hardcore pornography, masturbation, dildo usage, and lesbianism.
  11. A club (also known as cudgel, baton, truncheon, night stick or bludgeon) is among the simplest of all weapons. A club is essentially a short staff, or stick, usually made of wood, and wielded as a weapon.
  12. In zoology, a club is a bony mass at the end of the tail of some dinosaurs and of some mammals, most notably the ankylosaurids and the glyptodonts. ...
  13. A heavy stick intended for use as a weapon; An association of members joining together for some common purpose, especially sports or recreation; An establishment that provides staged entertainment, often with food and drink, such as a nightclub; A playing card marked with the symbol ♣; An ...
  14. (clubs) Plural of club; One of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣
  15. (Clubbed) Having the distal segments enlarged.
  16. (Clubs) A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions any type of club (athletic, yacht, country, Playboy, political, etc.). Not included in this category are night clubs or matchcover clubs. Some collectors include fraternal.
  17. (Clubs) An organization formed for the meeting of breeders for discussion and education or activities pertaining to their breed.
  18. (Clubs) CanadianCarAudio - GTcarz - HomeMadeTurbo
  19. (Clubs) Originally created to represent the working class, they are a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online Poker.
  20. (Clubs) Sport organisations within the Students’ Union. Only BUSA recognised sports can form clubs. Clubs fall under the administration of Student Activities.
  21. (Clubs) The great refuge of the middle and upper class male in London in the 1800's. Originating in the gatherings of men in certain coffeehouses in the 1700's, clubs acquired more permanent and exclusive quarters on Pall Mall and St. James's Street. ...
  22. (Clubs) This is what billionaire NFL team owners and their commissioner like to call their enterprises. It is a word that sounds warm and even a bit fuzzy. When they are talking about their "clubs," watch out. ...
  23. (Clubs) Used to describe buildings associated with organizations such as social clubs, YMCA, Masons, "gentlemen's clubs"; the term is not used for the organization itself.
  24. (Clubs) Work, effort, goal-related matters. Also: the relative future, middle-age, or Autumn. Element of Air.
  25. (clubs) the name of the equipment used to play golf