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cloudier, comparative; cloudiest, superlative;
  1. (of the sky or weather) Covered with or characterized by clouds; overcast
    • - next morning was cloudy
  2. (of a liquid) Not transparent or clear
    • - the pond water is slightly cloudy
  3. (of a color) Opaque; having white as a constituent
    • - cloudy reds and blues and greens
  4. (of marble) Variegated with cloudlike markings

  5. (of someone's eyes) Misted with tears
    • - she stared at him, her eyes cloudy
  6. Uncertain; unclear
    • - the issue becomes more cloudy

  1. lacking definite form or limits; "gropes among cloudy issues toward a feeble conclusion"- H.T.Moore; "nebulous distinction between pride and conceit"
  2. full of or covered with clouds; "cloudy skies"
  3. (of liquids) clouded as with sediment; "a cloudy liquid"; "muddy coffee"; "murky waters"
  4. (cloudiness) the state of the sky when it is covered by clouds
  5. (cloudiness) gloomy semidarkness caused by cloud cover
  6. (cloudiness) the quality of being cloudy
  7. A cloud is a visible mass of droplets of water or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth or another planetary body. A cloud is also a visible mass attracted by gravity, such as masses of material in space called interstellar clouds and nebulae. ...
  8. The Miracle Ultraviolence Connection is an American professional wrestling stable consisting of Cheech, Cloudy, and Brodie Lee. The team has gone by several names and are known for their work in Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Chikara and other independent promotions.
  9. (Clouds (album)) Clouds is the 1969 second album by Joni Mitchell. It is sparsely arranged, with little more than Mitchell's voice and solo acoustic guitar for accompaniment. ...
  10. (Clouds (Lee Ranaldo album)) Clouds is a studio album by Sonic Youth guitarist/vocalist, Lee Ranaldo. Clouds is the concert performed by Lee Ranaldo & William Hooker at the 1997 edition of the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville.
  11. (Clouds (play)) There is play by the name of Clouds by Aristophanes, an ancient Greek playwright.
  12. (Clouds (Tiamat album)) Clouds is the third full length album from Tiamat.
  13. Covered with or characterised by clouds; overcast; Not transparent or clear; Uncertain; unclear
  14. (Cloudiness) Lack of clarity to the eye. Fine for old wines with sediment, but it can be a warning signal of protein instability, yeast spoilage or re-fermentation in the bottle in younger wines.
  15. (CLOUDINESS) A condition of the finish material not being transparent or clear.
  16. (Cloudiness) A haziness or lack of transparency in a protective film such as in a varnish or urethane.
  17. (Cloudiness) A wine that is visually unclear. Cloudiness is considered a severe fault often due to faulty winemaking.
  18. (Cloudiness) During the monsoon season, and for brief spells of a day or two in winter, heavily clouded or overcast skies prevail. During the rest of the year the skies are mostly clear or lightly clouded.
  19. (Clouds) A grouping of a number of extremely tiny inclusions that are too small to be distinguishable from one another, even under magnification. The result is that, under a microscope, this grouping often looks like a soft transparent cloud inside the diamond. ...
  20. (clouds) a suspended mass of water vapor in the atmosphere. Clouds can be categorized into two general groups: cumulus clouds (tall, cotton ball) and stratus clouds (layered); these can be divided even further to 4 sub-groups describing altitude: 20,000 ft and above are the cirrus or cirro ...
  21. (Clouds) To dream of seeing dark heavy clouds, portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness. To see bright transparent clouds with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after trouble has been your companion. ...
  22. (Clouds) tag cloud, author cloud, tag mirror
  23. Clouds are hazy or milky areas in a diamond. Most clouds are made up of crystals too tiny to see individually even under a 10X magnification.
  24. (CLOUDS) Anything that distorts our ability to see or distinguish reality.
  25. (CLOUDS) Glory or trouble, depending on the vantage point. Those below see only dark clouds of trouble.  Those seated with Christ in the heavenly see the white clouds of glory.