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cliffs, plural;
  1. A steep rock face, esp. at the edge of the sea
    • - a path along the top of rugged cliffs
    • - the cliff face

  1. a steep high face of rock; "he stood on a high cliff overlooking the town"; "a steep drop"
  2. In geography and geology, a cliff is a significant vertical, or near vertical, rock exposure. Cliffs are formed as erosion landforms due to the processes of erosion and weathering that produce them. Cliffs are common on coasts, in mountainous areas, escarpments and along rivers. ...
  3. Homeless International is a British NGO focusing on urban poverty issues in the developing world. It is a membership organisation registered both as a charity and a company limited by guarantee, with many members being UK housing associations.
  4. Cliff Richard's first album Cliff was released in April 1959 and reached No. 4 in the UK album chart. It was recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in February 1959 with The Shadows, then known as The Drifters,in front of an invited audience of 200 to 300 fans. ...
  5. In television and film: *Cliff Arquette (1905–1974), American comedian and actor *Cliff Bole, American and Canadian television director *Cliff Clavin, character in the Cheers television series *Cliff De Young, American character actor *Cliff Martinez (born 1954), American film score composer * ...
  6. Cliff, as a surname, may refer to: * Alfred Cliff (1878-1966), English amateur cricketer; * Clarice Cliff (1899-1972), British ceramic artist; * Dave Cliff (born 1944), British jazz musician; * Jimmy Cliff, (born 1948), Jamaican reggae musician; * John Cliff (1883-1977), British transport ...
  7. "A League of Their Own" is the fifth episode of the second season of Ugly Betty, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. The episode is written by Sheila Lawrence and directed by Wendey Stanzler. ...
  8. The following is a complete list of episodes for the 1980s television series Dynasty, in broadcast order.
  9. The Cliff is a sports ground in Broughton, Greater Manchester, on the banks of the River Irwell, that was used as rugby league club Broughton Rangers' home ground until 1933. It was purchased by association football club Manchester United F.C. for use as their training ground. ...
  10. (The Cliffs) The Cliffs is a historic country house located near 33rd and Oxford Sts. in East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is a Registered Historic Place.
  11. A vertical (or near vertical) rock face
  12. (Cliffing) A strategy for arranging bonds so that they all mature in the same year.
  13. (Cliffs) hard, resistant rocks form steep cliffs; soft rocks such as clay create low, gentle cliffs.
  14. Cliffs are majestic, dangerous places. If you are on cliffs in your dreams, you probably feel your life has a combination of these two qualities. Determining which one is prevalent depends on who is with you, or why you are on the cliffs. ...
  15. Large, stony cliffs which hang over the Borderland shores. It is a special place where Klu Ya often ventures away to think.
  16. Land rising abruptly for a considerable distance above the water or surrounding land. (Hydrographic Dictionary 1990)
  17. very steep or vertical slope (bluff, crag, head, headland, nose, palisades, precipice, promontory, rim, rimrock).
  18. high steep bank at the water’s edge, usually composed primarily of rock.
  19. Seated along one of Agana Height’s clifflines, The Cliff, is one Guam’s first hotels. It was established in Agana Heights in 1959. It has more recently become a business and residential condominium.
  20. a space where a group of terraces have been shortened to form a high vertical step, often formed at the innermost portions of steep valley and lagoon forms. Would most commonly be used with a glazed surface as a large window portal into the core atrium of a ridge or mountain. ...
  21. Heightened knowledge; high ideals; on the brink of a major decision / Self-imposed, dangerous barriers that separate you from a wider view of life; distancing yourself from difficult thoughts, emotions or choices; feeling on edge / (see MOUNTAIN)
  22. an piece of map accessible only from air, near a main or expansion base, good for a tank drop.
  23. A vertical or nearly vertical feature. Ordinarily a cliff less than two meters high isn't mapped. A mapped cliff is shown on the map by a black bar with teeth it looks like a comb.
  24. or Cliffing - In general, it's to place ranged units on a hill overlooking a strategic important location, like an expansion. Thereby hindering the enemy from expanding. (See Turbo newbie)
  25. A very steep slope of rock or soil.