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clerks, plural;
  1. Work as a clerk
    • - eleven of those who left college this year are clerking in auction houses
  1. A person employed in an office or bank to keep records and accounts and to undertake other routine administrative duties
    • - a bank clerk
  2. An official in charge of the records of a local council or court
    • - a clerk to the court
  3. A person employed by a judge, or being trained by a lawyer, who does legal research, etc

  4. A lay officer of a cathedral, parish church, college chapel, etc
    • - a chapter clerk
  5. A receptionist in a hotel

  6. An assistant in a store; a salesclerk

  7. A member of the clergy

  1. an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
  2. work as a clerk, as in the legal business
  3. salesclerk: a salesperson in a store
  4. The clerks are the adult members of the college choirs of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  5. Clerk, the vocational title, commonly refers to a white-collar worker who conducts general office or, in some instances, sales tasks. The responsibilities of clerical workers commonly include record keeping, filing, staffing service counters and other administrative tasks. ...
  6. The '''''' of a Quaker meeting is a critical role for the conduct of Quaker affairs. The clerk conducts the meeting for business or committee meeting in the spirit of worship. In that role, the clerk is responsible for creating the agenda, facilitating the conduct of the meeting. ...
  7. (Clerks (movie)) Clerks is a 1994 American independent comedy film written and directed by Kevin Smith, who also appears in the film as Silent Bob. ...
  8. (Clerks (soundtrack)) Clerks is the 1994 soundtrack album to the film of the same name. The album features alternative rock songs performed by various artists, as well as audio clips from the film. The cost of licensing the songs on the soundtrack cost more than the film cost to make.
  9. (Clerks. (comic)) Clerks. is a series of comics published in the late 1990s by Oni Press that continue the adventures of Dante, Randal and other characters from Kevin Smith's film Clerks Written by Smith but illustrated by varying artists, the style in these comics is very different from that of ...
  10. One who occupationally works with records, accounts, letters, etc.; an office worker; A facilitator of a Quaker meeting for business affairs; To act as a clerk, to perform the duties or functions of a clerk
  11. (clerks) When cargo is unloaded from a ship, a clerk checks the actual count of the goods (number of boxes, drums, bundles, pipes, etc.) versus the amount listed on the ship’s manifest. He will note shortages, overages or damage. This is used to make claims if needed.
  12. (CLERKS) The senior Parliamentary officials who advise the Presiding Officers and Members in the correct operations of Parliament as determined by the Standing Orders. They also maintain the formal record of proceedings (the Votes and Proceedings), and manage the daily affairs of the Parliament.
  13. (Clerks) the individuals who provide the swimmers with their event tickets, lane and heat assignments, and relay information.
  14. The person employed by the principal auctioneer or auction firm to record what is sold and to whom and for what price.
  15. a person appointed by a business meeting or committee to take a meeting through its business and write the minutes. See also convener.
  16. The clerk or deputy clerk of the court.
  17. A staff person in either the House or Senate Clerks’ offices.
  18. Officer of court, who accepts pleadings, motions, judgments, etc., issues process, and keeps records of court proceedings.
  19. A member of a Precinct Board. (See also Inspector).
  20. A member who presides at meetings for worship with a concern for business, or the head of a committee.  Meetings for business may also have recording and reading clerks.
  21. The clerk of a meeting performs an administrative function in a way that also provides spiritual leadership. Clerks act in a capacity similar to chairperson during and between business meetings. ...
  22. A clergyman (Miller 3312; Lawyer 480; Wife 694, 706, 1184; Pardoner 391); a student, being ostensibly an aspirant to the clergy (Miller 3219; Reeve 4060; Wife 44C, 527); Pardoner 339; any man of learning (GP 480; Wife 1184; Merchant 2021); Melibee 1110; Nun's Priest 2800; Canon's Yeoman 646).
  23. A member who makes a record of what is done at a meeting; see SECRETARY.
  24. Mole Valley's traditional name for the club secretary, currently Nigel Bush. (Club founder Toby Norris liked funny names.)
  25. Each committee, preparative, monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings will have a clerk. A clerk is not someone who is in any way in charge, rather it is their job to discern the "sense of the meeting" (see above).