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cleaners, plural;
  1. A person or thing that cleans something, in particular

  2. A person employed to clean the interior of a building

  3. A place of business where clothes and fabrics are dry-cleaned
    • - my suit's at the cleaners
  4. A device for cleaning, such as a vacuum cleaner

  5. A chemical substance used for cleaning
    • - an oven cleaner

  1. cleansing agent: a preparation used in cleaning something
  2. the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
  3. someone whose occupation is cleaning
  4. (cleaners) shop where dry cleaning is done
  5. Cleaner is the name of a German project specializing in electronic music. Formerly known as Cleen and Cleaner, Myer released several albums on the American industrial music record label, Metropolis Records, as well as the labels Zoth Ommog and Accession Records.
  6. In crime fiction, a cleaner is a person who destroys or removes any incriminating evidence at the scene of a crime, typically a murder, as if the crime never happened. ...
  7. Cleaner is a 2007 thriller film directed by Renny Harlin, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, and Eva Mendes.
  8. The Syndicate is a fictional "shadow government" group featured in The X-Files television show and feature film created by Chris Carter. They were also known as The Elders, The Consortium, and The Group. ...
  9. This is a list of characters in the ITV science fiction television series Primeval, including supporting characters.
  10. The Cleaner is an A&E television series starring Benjamin Bratt. It debuted on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 10:00 pm EST and the last episode aired on September 15, 2009, when the show was officially cancelled.
  11. (CLEANERS) Auditorium working lights. Used for cleaning and setting up the auditorium before the house lights (usually more atmospheric) are switched on.
  12. (Cleaners) A deadly slashing machine with spinning blades at its front that would completely fill up a passage and cut to bits anything it encountered. Jareth made one chase Sarah and Hoggle after she defied him.
  13. (Cleaners) Cleaning agents for maintaining a natural stone surface.
  14. (Cleaning (stamps)) Soiled or stained stamps are sometimes cleaned with chemicals or by erasing. The cleaning is usually done to improve the appearance of a stamp. A cleaned stamp can also mean one from which a cancellation has been removed, making a used stamp appear unused.
  15. (cleaning) taking the necessary steps (driving around, stopping in various locations) to avoid being followed.
  16. (Cleaning) The process of removing food and other types of soil from a surface. Surfaces must first be cleaned and rinsed before being sanitized.
  17. (Cleaning) Removal of runners, risers, flash, surplus metals, and sand from a casting.
  18. (cleaning) Refers to removing dirt or otherwise altering the appearance of a coin through the use of abrasive materials that mar or scratch the surface in a detectable fashion.
  19. (Cleaning) The removal of soil, food residue, dirt or grease.
  20. (cleaning) Any procedure that removes corrosion, unattractive toning, etc. such as dipping or rubbing with abrasive materials.
  21. (Cleaning) Removing unwanted tree and shrub growth.
  22. (Cleaning) The process of correcting or removing names from a mailing list.
  23. (Cleaning) removal of all foreign material such as soil and organic materials and residues from objects
  24. (Cleaning) General term indicating a process which removes dirt or soil from a textile material.
  25. (Cleaning) The process of removing scale, oxides, or lubricant-acquired during heating for forging or heat treating-from the surface of the forging. (See also Blasting, Pickling, Tumbling.)