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classified, past participle; classified, past tense; classifies, 3rd person singular present; classifying, present participle;
  1. Arrange (a group of people or things) in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics
    • - mountain peaks are classified according to their shape
  2. Assign (someone or something) to a particular class or category
    • - elements are usually classified as metals or nonmetals
  3. Designate (documents or information) as officially secret or to which only authorized people may have access
    • - government officials classified 6.3 million documents in 1992

  1. arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"
  2. declare unavailable, as for security reasons; "Classify these documents"
  3. relegate: assign to a class or kind; "How should algae be classified?"; "People argue about how to relegate certain mushrooms"
  4. (classification) categorization: the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type
  5. (classification) restriction imposed by the government on documents or weapons that are available only to certain authorized people
  6. (classified) arranged into classes
  7. (Classification (biology)) Biological classification, or scientific classification in biology, is a method by which biologists group and categorize organisms by biological type, such as genus or species. ...
  8. (Classification (Bordeaux)) For the 1855 Exposition Universelle de Paris, Emperor Napoleon III requested a classification system for France's best Bordeaux wines which were to be on display for visitors from around the world. ...
  9. (Classification (literature)) Classification is a figure of speech linking a proper noun to a common noun using the or other articles.
  10. (Classification (machine learning)) Statistical classification is a supervised machine learning procedure in which individual items are placed into groups based on quantitative information on one or more characteristics inherent in the items (referred to as traits, variables, characters, etc) ...
  11. (Classified (bond album)) Classified is the fourth album released by the classical crossover string quartet Bond.
  12. (Classified (rapper)) Luke Boyd (born on December 13, 1977), professionally known as Classified, is a Canadian rapper and producer from Enfield, Nova Scotia.
  13. To identify by or divide into classes; to categorize; To declare something a secret, especially a government secret
  14. A classified advertisement in a newspaper or magazine; National security information formally assigned by governments to one of several levels of sensitivity, usually (in English) top secret, secret, confidential, and, in some countries, restricted; thereby making disclosure to unauthorized ...
  15. (9. Classifying) Teach recognition of vocabulary through descriptive categories (people, furniture), functions (things you sit on, things used to cook food), and attributes (shape, size).  You may need to prompt students if more than one answer is possible.
  16. (Classifying) Grouping entities based on their common relationships.
  17. Classifying is putting objects into sets based on common traits. Even babies start classifying objects in simple ways. For example, they come to realize which of their toys make noise, and which ones do not.
  18. (Classification) Group or family designation based on wire rope constructions with common strengths and weights listed under the broad designation.
  19. (classification) An alphabetical listing of commodities, the class or rating into which the commodity is placed, and the minimum weight necessary for the rate discount; used in the class rate structure.
  20. (classification) the arrangement of knowledge into specific groups or systems
  21. (classification) Association of an input vector with a particular target vector.
  22. (classification) a systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to criteria.
  23. (Classification (rating)) the class to which an article is assigned for the purpose of applying transportation charges.
  24. (Classification) The process of assigning individual pixels of a digital image to categories, generally on the basis of spectral reflectance or radiometric characteristics.
  25. (Classification) a system of diving shooters into groups - based on previous records, ability, etc. - in singles and doubles. Classification is done by a committee of shooters. AA is the highest class; D or E are the lowest.