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chiefs, plural;
  1. Most important
    • - the chief reason for the spending cuts
    • - chief among her concerns is working alone at night
  2. Having or denoting the highest rank or authority
    • - the government's chief adviser
  1. A leader or ruler of a people or clan
    • - the chief of the village
    • - the Tlingit chief
    • - an island where Chief Seattle was born
  2. The person with the highest rank in an organization
    • - a bureau chief
    • - the chief of police
  3. An informal form of address, esp. to someone of superior rank or status
    • - it's quite simple, chief
  4. An ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across the top of the shield

  5. The upper third of the field

  1. head: a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"
  2. chief(a): most important element; "the chief aim of living"; "the main doors were of solid glass"; "the principal rivers of America"; "the principal example"; "policemen were primary targets"; "the master bedroom"; "a master switch"
  3. foreman: a person who exercises control over workers; "if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman"
  4. headman: the head of a tribe or clan
  5. Galen Tyrol (commonly referred to as The Chief) is a character on the television series Battlestar Galactica. Tyrol is responsible for the maintenance of the Vipers and Raptors aboard Battlestar Galactica. ...
  6. This is a list of fictional characters in the Carmen Sandiego series.
  7. The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) is a fictional character from DC Comics and the leader of the Doom Patrol. He first appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963). ...
  8. In heraldic blazon, a chief is a charge on a coat of arms that takes the form of a band running horizontally across the top edge of the shield. Writers disagree in how much of the shield's surface is to be covered by the chief, ranging from one-fourth to one-third. ...
  9. The Chief was one of the named passenger trains of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Its route ran from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. ...
  10. The Chief-Leader is a long-established newspaper aimed at civil service workers in New York City. Privately owned, it was established in 1897 by Joseph J. O'Reilly; and it was first aimed at firefighters.
  11. A leader or head of a group of people, organisation, etc. [from 13th c.]; The top part of a shield or escutcheon. [from 15th c.]; A head officer in a department, organization etc.; a boss. [from 17th c.]; An informal address to an equal; Primary; principal
  12. (Chiefs) As used herein signifies those who are in the superior stages of evolution in connection with the occult Brotherhood (q.v.)
  13. (Chiefs) Home, Road, Road Alt - Just wider stripes on the sleeves and socks as well as incorporating yellow into the logo.
  14. (Chiefs) Leaders of the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary and its surrounding communities.
  15. (Chiefs) New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.
  16. (Chief’s) Earliest established weaving style known to the Navajo, Three phases: first phase, simple horizontal stripes of blue, white, black and brown: second phase, weavers added short red bars to the design: third phase, most popular, more elaborate, with stepped triangles in addition to the ...
  17. (The Chiefs) Carleton's club hockey team.
  18. (US) The familiar form of address for any US Army warrant officer or US Navy chief petty officer. Also, a section leader in the US Army.
  19. A heraldic term for the top horizontal section of a shield or banner of arms, however, heraldic use frequently suggests that a chief should be one-third of the total depth of that shield or flag (see also ‘banner of arms’, ‘base’ and ‘shield 2)’).
  20. In Gaelic taoiseach, the head of a ruling kingroup, pronounced 'tee-shok' (the actual term taoiseach does not appear to have been widely used in Brehon Law tracts, and of course is most familiar today from its use to denote the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland).
  21. The ICS title for individuals responsible for command of functional sections: Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration.
  22. There are several levels of Chief Officer: Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Division Chief, Battalion Chief, and Chief Engineer or Fire Chief.
  23. [Heraldry] The upper third part of the shield. It is supposed to be composed of the dexter, sinister, and middle chiefs.
  24. is an unused beta Trainer class that is found in Generation I. "Chief" can be battled through the use of the Old man glitch when the player's name contains a dash in the third, fifth, or seventh letter slot. Chief's sprite is identical to that of a Scientist. ...
  25. in Scotland, the hereditary head of a noble family, usu. descriptive exclusively of the head of a Highland clan and its whole name and arms.