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chauvinisms, plural;
  1. Exaggerated or aggressive patriotism
    • - public opinion was easily moved to chauvinism and nationalism
  2. Excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for one's own cause, group, or gender
    • - a bastion of male chauvinism

  1. fanatical patriotism
  2. male chauvinism: activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women
  3. (chauvinist) a person with a prejudiced belief in the superiority of his or her own kind
  4. (chauvinist) an extreme bellicose nationalist
  5. (chauvinistic) of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or kind
  6. (chauvinistic) fanatically patriotic
  7. Chauvinism, , in its original and primary meaning, is an exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a belief in national superiority and glory. ...
  8. Excessive patriotism, eagerness for national superiority; jingoism; Unwarranted bias, favoritism, or devotion to one's own particular group, cause, or idea
  9. (Chauvinist) is an old French term meaning blind patriotism and obedience. It’s based on one Nicolas Chavin, a veteran who gave unswerving loyalty to Napoleon. ...
  10. (chauvinist) Dillon is called both a terrorist and a chauvinist by Jamie Hamilton during their phone call from the police station; he asks Troy "what's a terrorist chauvinist?" (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I")
  11. Extreme and often unreasonable nationalism. From the early 19th century Frenchman Nicolas Chauvin, who maintained an unwavering loyalty to Napoleon and things military. Similar to jingoism. Term is currently applied to those exhibiting a strong sense of superiority.
  12. Absurdly exaggerated patriotism or militarism; originally a term of ridicule applied to idolatry of Napoleon I (1769–1821), it came from the name of Nicolas Chauvin, a much wounded and decorated veteran who worshipped with blind enthusiasm the military glories and expansionist policies of his ...
  13. unreasoning, over enthusiastic, and aggressive patriotism, an excessive or prejudiced loyalty to a particular gender, group, or cause
  14. A term derived from the name of Nicholas Chauvin, a soldier of the French empire whose exaggerated and demonstrative patriotism was ridiculed by his army comrades. ...