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charismata, plural;
  1. Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others
    • - she enchanted guests with her charisma
  2. A divinely conferred power or talent

  1. a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others
  2. (charismatic) possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a charismatic leader"; "a magnetic personality"
  3. Charisma is an album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label. It was recorded on September 29, 1966 and features performances by Morgan, Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Cedar Walton, Paul Chambers and Billy Higgins.
  4. The elm cultivar Charisma was derived from a crossing of two hybrids grown at the Morton Arboretum, Accolade and Vanguard . Charisma is similar in stature to the American Elm, and has glossy, deep-green foliage. ...
  5. Charisma was a horse ridden by New Zealander Mark Todd, and the gelding won many competitions in the sport of eventing. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest event horses ever to have competed.
  6. Charisma (also known as Charisma + Christian Life) is a monthly Christian magazine based in Lake Mary, Florida, aimed at Pentecostals and charismatics. ...
  7. Charisma was a record label founded by former journalist Tony Stratton-Smith in 1969. Manager for The Nice, the Bonzo Dog Band and Van der Graaf Generator at the time, Stratton-Smith was unable to find a record company willing to release an album by one of his favourite groups so he founded his ...
  8. (Charismatic (Christians)) Charismatic Christianity is a Christian doctrine that maintains that modern-day believers experience miracles, prophecy, speaking in tongues, and other spiritual gifts as described in of the Bible. ...
  9. Personal charm or magnetism; An extraordinary power granted by the Holy Spirit; The ability to influence without the use of logic
  10. (charismatic) a member of such a Christian movement; of, related to, or having charisma; of, related to, or being a member of a form of Christianity that emphasises the role of the Holy Spirit
  11. (Charismatic) Charming or captivating.
  12. (Charismatic) Christians who emphasize the power or sign-gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Not all who believe these gifts still exist are charismatic.  Those who emphasize these gifts to an extreme are pentecostal. (See "Cessationist" and "Pentecostal.")
  13. (Charismatic) From the Greek word charisma (in the Bible, usually translated: “gift”) Denominations, churches, or individuals that particularly emphasize the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  14. (Charismatic) also known as "Neo-Pentecostalism" that arose in the mid-twentieth century among members of mainline Protestant denominations and Roman Catholicism. ...
  15. (charismatic [kehr-is-MATT-ick]) relating to someone who has received one or more "gifts of the Holy Spirit" (e.g., healing, prophecy, gift of tongues)
  16. (charismatic) the ability to lead and influence large numbers of people.
  17. extraordinary personal qualities that are the basis of an audience granting the holder legitimate authority
  18. A special divine gift which endows the recipient with a supernatural ability to know and proclaim the will of God. In short, a pipeline from God which mere mortals may not challenge.
  19. One of the six attributes from Dungeons & Dragons. In roguelikes charisma is usually the odd stat out, the one with the least affect on gameplay. In Nethack, the source code reveals that charisma only influences the game in a handful of instances. ...
  20. An attribute that allows a speaker's words to become powerful.
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  22. An attitude of enthusiams and optimism that is contagious; an aura of leadership. [GB] The appeal or attractiveness that the audience perceives in the speaker, contributing to the speaker's credibility. [SB] Channel. Medium or route through which a message is sent for purposes of communication. ...
  23. The energy, which an individual expresses, that expresses self-confidence and personal strength outwards. People with charisma trust in and follow themselves – intuition and the heart or soul. ...
  24. Any creature capable of telling the difference between itself and things that are not itself has at least point of Charisma. Anything with no Charisma score is an object, not a creature. Anything without a Charisma score also has no Wisdom score.
  25. Personal leadership qualities that endow an individual with the ability to attract followers. Often this quality of leadership is attributed to divine intervention.