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championships, plural;
  1. A contest for the position of champion in a sport, often involving a series of games or matches

  2. The position or title of the winner of such a contest

  3. The vigorous support or defense of someone or something
    • - Alan's championship of his estranged wife

  1. the status of being a champion; "he held the title for two years"
  2. a competition at which a champion is chosen
  3. backing: the act of providing approval and support; "his vigorous backing of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives"
  4. (champion) protect or fight for as a champion
  5. (champion) someone who has won first place in a competition
  6. (champion) someone who fights for a cause
  7. Championship is a term used in sport to refer to various forms of competition in which the aim is to decide which individual or team is the champion.
  8. Championships are awarded to dogs who have passed through a process of selection at dog shows. Traditionally, a championship was received at a conformation show, but championships are now offered for dogs who have attained a high degree of perfection in other dog sports as well.
  9. A Championship or "title" in professional wrestling is a recognition promoted by professional wrestling organizations.
  10. The Rugby Football League Championship (known as Co-operative Championship due to sponsorship by The Co-operative Group) was formerly called National League One. With the inclusion of a French team in 2009 (Toulouse) it has taken a more European dimension and has changed its denomination. ...
  11. The A Championship is the first tier of Irish football, outside of the League of Ireland . It was created in 2008 by the FAI to act as the first stop for clubs hoping to move into the League of Ireland. The title sponsor of the league from the 2009 season onwards is Newstalk. ...
  12. The Championship (formerly known as Championship Goals between January 2008 and May 2008) was a British football television programme featuring highlights from the Coca Cola Football League. It was almost always shown on Sunday mornings on ITV, presented by Matt Smith. ...
  13. A champion (identical to the French, from the late Latin campio) is the victor in a , contest or competition.
  14. (Champion (1949 movie)) Champion (1949) is an American film noir drama based on a short story by Ring Lardner. Filmed in black-and-white, it recounts the struggles of boxer "Midge" Kelly fighting his own demons while working to achieve success in the boxing ring. ...
  15. (Champion (2002 film)) Champion is a 2002 South Korean film, directed by Kwak Kyung-taek, about South Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim, portrayed by Yu Oh-seong. Kim was Korea's most popular boxer, who in his rise to international fame faced the reigning lightweight champion Ray Mancini in 1982. ...
  16. (Champion (2003 film)) Champion (চ্যাম্পিয়ন "") is a Bengali Movie was released in 2003. Directed by Rabi Kinagi, the movie featured Jeet, Shrabonti Malakar, Sandhita Chatterjee . ...
  17. (Champion (Ace Hood song)) "Champion" is the official second single off Ace Hood's second album, Ruthless. It features Jazmine Sullivan and Rick Ross.
  18. (Champion (Agnes song)) "Champion" is a pop song recorded by Swedish singer Agnes taken from her second album Stronger. The track was written by Agnes Carlsson, Curtis A. Richardson, and Emanuel Olsson and produced by Emanuel Olsson for Cosmos Productions. ...
  19. (Champion) An individual in the organization who believes strongly in quality improvement and is willing to work with others to test, implement, and spread changes. Teams need at least one clinical champion. Champions in other disciplines who work on the process are important, as well. ...
  20. A Champion recognizes, defines, assigns and supports the successful completion of six sigma projects; they are accountable for the results of the project and the business roadmap to achieve six sigma within their span of control.
  21. (Champion) Business leader or senior manager who ensures resources are available for quality training and projects and is involved in project tollgate reviews; often an executive who supports and addresses Six Sigma organizational issues.
  22. (Champion) An AKC title conferred upon a dog that has earned 15 points in competition as a result of defeating a specified number of dogs at a series of AKC dog shows.
  23. (Champion) An upper level business leader who facilitates the leadership, implementation, and deployment of the process quality initiative and breakthrough philosophies.
  24. ((IV) Champion) or "Adult"--this is, for the vast majority of Digimon, the highest level they'll ever achieve. Most Rookies have the potential to digivolve into at least two potential Champions; some (ie Agumon or Gabumon) might have dozens. ...
  25. (Champion) (Sa1 17:4, Sa1 17:23), properly "the man between the two," denoting the position of Goliath between the two camps. Single combats of this kind at the head of armies were common in ancient times. ...